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July 29, 2011

Do Sound Nice

Friday. Up well after the alarm around seven this morning, figuring I evidently need more sleep. To bed at the usual time, up an hour later. Let's see how it works out.

How many times have you done and said that?

Too embarrassingly many to count. Anyway, to breakfast and then on to the hospital lab to have another Protime (monthly drawing of blood to see how the blood thinner is doing), this time with little or no wait (they recognize me by sight), back now at ten, the overcast starting to lighten up in preparation for the sun. Feel pretty good, no overwhelming urges to go back to bed, so maybe we'll put together something of interest later. You can never tell.

Later. A good sign, no nap, out the door and down to the lake thinking OK, feels good to be outside, although I have no idea of where I might like to go. Nothing new. A walk over to the lake from a little different angle on the grass, rather than on a path to shoot this, using the trees for a frame. Turned out better than I thought it might, although I'm not sure which of the two I like better.

A walk then around the Grand Lake theater area, the route I've taken too many times to count, a picture of a piece of graffiti that's replaced an earlier piece on these two utility boxes. Interesting to me at least. A small art venue that's recently changed its display, noticed by no one other than the occasional old coot. Art for the ages? Hardly, but better than many you see scrawled about on walls, interesting to notice.

I did pass this fellow practicing on a skateboard, a picture I've taken before. This one was the first one I took when I didn't have time to set the focus in anticipation. It might well have turned out better than the second had I been more on the ball. Then again, how many skateboard in the sky pictures have we seen by now? How many more do we need to see? Still, if you're going to shoot them, best they be in focus I guess.

And the reason for all of that?

Gives you an idea of the momentous conundrums I'm contemplating at any given moment as I'm out on these walks. Between skateboarders in the air and geese on the ground it's a real challenge.

It's into the afternoon. I got in a good deal of time on the guitar yesterday in the evening, let's see how we do today. That one damned sequence of chords from Imagine, none of them difficult for a real guitar player to play, is getting smoother, better. The transitions aren't so jarring. Which is good. Puts me in a better mood. Gives me hope.

Later still. It's essentially the end of the month, so I restrung the guitar and changed out the rechargeable batteries. I have to admit the new strings sound better. The guitar battery lasts a lot longer than a month, I'm less sure about the one in the foot operated tuner, but changing them along with the strings seems to make sense. Strings and batteries and the end of a month. I can do that. Except now I'm thinking of restringing the damned thing every two weeks. We'll see. They do sound nice.

The photograph was taken of people preparing for the July 22nd We Are One Rally with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.