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July 15, 2011

Of The Jury

Friday. To bed last night at eleven so I awoke this morning at seven-thirty and got off to breakfast just before eight, back now after nine feeling, well, fine. Overcast and cool out there again, not sure what's happened to the July weather, although I guess it's not unusual for a San Francisco summer, maybe just a little cooler than I remember. Nothing I can see coming in the way of festivals and such until next month, the Sunday AIDS walk in San Francisco isn't easy to get to, probably a good time to send the cameras in one at a time for a cleaning. I talked about that, sometimes I follow through. Not often, but sometimes, just to maintain some minor contact with veracity.

Later. My, my. A real nap this time, two hours of actual sleep as opposed to this vague twilight unconsciousness of recent experience. I guess I needed it. Good for me. I guess.

Later still. A walk down by the theater on the way to have a Cappuccino and an oat bun or pastry of some kind about the size and density of a small hockey puck. I'd call it interesting. I'm not sure if it's a part of and popular with a particular cuisine or culture, but they're small and small was about right, no need for another bite when I'd finished. The Cappuccino was, well, why I guess I drink their coffee black. Probably not good to say that about the place you eat breakfast every morning and it could be my now damaged palate, but I doubt it. It's not that their various sugar-chocolate-caramel coffees were off this last week, they weren't even close.

Again, still a grey overcast, a looks like rain dark grey with a brisk sea breeze, the temperature demanding a light jacket. The head and body are functioning reasonably well, although the attitude I realize could be better. No desire to go here or there, no idea where I'd rather be if wishes came through. Hawaii? Maybe. Maybe not.

A single picture of a fellow I photographed earlier this week, same photograph, different location by some fifty yards. One photograph is better than none, must remember that. Such is the day, such is the page. Next chapter.

Evening. A fair amount of time spent on the guitar. I've memorized and can now play in some reasonable way a number of barre chords now, but I do need more practice. Practice, practice. I works. It does.

A walk down the hill to have dinner and sake at the local sushi shop at five when they open to miss the later crowds, a walk back home at six. I've figured out finally what they call a large hot sake doesn't really contain all that much sake and, although the temperature seems to give it a kick, the effect leaves more quickly than the effect of one of the small 150ml bottles I buy at the local supermarket. Which is good. Gives me another reason to rationalize my sushi/sake habit. I'll be broke, but reasonably coherent.

Speaking of which (stupidity), last Wednesday before last (the sixth), two days after the Fourth of July, backing out of a slot in the Safeway parking lot, I managed to back into the back fender of a Jaguar that was sitting beside the line of parked cars. I just didn't see it. I can blame it on whatever, the Element doesn't have the best visibility when backing up, but I admit it freaked me out. What in the hell happened? The head was a bit fuzzed by the usual suspects, the sinus-upper palate thing, I was feeling in a bit in a funk, but hitting (at about two miles an hour) another car in a parking lot? Had it been moving? Had it moved into the area I'd visually checked? I have no idea, no way to tell.

The sum of it was my insurance paid all expenses, something I hadn't been expecting, although I do suspect something unpleasant may be coming when I'm up for renewal, but I'm also pondering what seems to be going on. Is this the future? I can live without a car if my faculties demand it as the solution. I just hope that's not what's happening, it's just a passing incident. A now second passing incident.

Oh, another aspect. I'm retired and don't worry about an employer reading any of this anymore, but I wondered if it might affect an incident like this or some other accident-event-stupidity I might engineer in the future? You Google the name and this does come up. Feeling funky, were you? Like to drink sake? You've done this once before, recently? “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury....”

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.