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July 13, 2011

Success In That

Wednesday. Up with the alarm again having gotten to bed fairly early, a decent night's sleep. To breakfast and back with the guitar lesson coming up in another couple of hours and then the day is free. I need to pack, need to prepare for the Portland trip, so I might not get out of here until tomorrow morning, but otherwise all is well. I could still crap out, but it's looking less likely.

I want to see my sister and the rest of the family, but I'm still mentally avoiding the drive. Odd to know I'll enjoy it well enough once I'm underway, but I still fight the idea of setting out for some reason, logic and reality off to the side seemingly having little impact in the discussion. The confusion. Sounds more like a political debate.

Another Unknown Penguin production: Carmageddon: The Movie. I suspect, like peanuts, these can become addictive, so be careful.

Later. Ah, well. Maybe it's the music lessons themselves that throw me off the track, not the actual playing and practice. Went OK, but much homework to do.

I decided not to drive up to Portland and put it off until later. I'm just not up for the trip. Went online and restarted the papers, called my sister, went to the supermarket for necessary items and sake for later this evening when I put my feet up and relish not having to get up and out on the road tomorrow. How to make amends? A short drive this next week somewhere over a bridge to shoot some pictures? Best not to mention it any further. Don't want to admit to crapping out more than once in a month. I'd hope.

So what to do right now? A walk that stopped in its tracks at the apartment stairwell. It's cold out there, it's overcast, it's eleven in the morning, what am I doing? Back to the apartment. No reason to be embarrassed, no one saw me in the hall. Not that we have all that many people wandering the hall at any given hour. OK, calm sensible me, we'll do what? Well, we'll put our jacket on again (a heavier one this time) and head out the door. To where, well, we'll find out.

To the usual café, where else? A coffee and a plain sesame seed bagel, a walk then around the way to a fast health food shop for a bottle of vitamin E, a walk then back home, one or two pictures long the way. A photograph taken last night before heading to bed. Plenty of grain in the photograph taken at ISO 5000 on the D3. More than I'd have expected. Home now again thinking in terms of a nap, although I'd rate the outing on the high end of the scale: head clear, no double vision, a bit more energy than usual. What I guess now is usual.

Later still. A bit of guitar, a bit of sake, a bit of guitar, a bit of sake and so the evening has gone. At least the early evening. It is early and we've put the guitar on the stand for the last time for the day and the sake has been consumed, no more until, well, probably tomorrow, so I'm thinking early to bed, maybe try another place for breakfast in the morning. I restarted the papers, but it won't take effect until Friday, so we may go downtown where I can buy them at a news stand. Adventure! Excitement! Life is simpler when you can get high by trying a new breakfast place. Some success in that I'd think.

The photograph was taken at the Temescal Street Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.