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July 6, 2011

Step At A Time

Wednesday. My evenings are generally the times I feel the best, head clear, energy up. Not sure why. Early to bed last night, not really quite sure how long it took to get to sleep, up this morning with the alarm and out the door to breakfast. Nice to have the car again. Back now before eight, my guitar lesson ahead. Am I ready? I don't think so, but not for sloth. It just takes time to get these chord changes down, move smoothly between them on the beat. That's my story, anyway, I'm sticking to it.

The weather people say it will be cooler for the rest of this week, no more up in the eighties here on the coast. An article in today's paper said temperatures have been dropping along the coast while inland areas have been getting hotter over the last thirty years, both areas getting more rain. Global warming suggests the hotter inland temperatures will pull stronger sea breezes in to cool the coastal areas and we'll not experience some of the grimmer realities they'll be enjoying over the hills to the east. We live in interesting times. Oh, you knew that? I've said that before? Here? Interminably? Me?

OK, prepare for the lesson, get the head together, the day so far looks good. Yes, sky clear, lots of sun, but I'm counting on those “it's going to be cooler” forecasts, yes I am. (hup! hup!)

Later. A rather rough run through of a lesson, but again, we're making progress. More barre chord practice, learn to play them by name, know their location without thinking. Fingering, yes, but they're not all that hard, although I need practice. Everyone needs practice, but I really need practice, we're not rationalizing any of this.

Although I had a fairly large breakfast I think I'll head out now just before noon and look for something to eat. Hungry for whatever reason. High spirited rock and roll guitar playing on or off the beat evidently creates an appetite. As does a half hour music lesson fumbling with the chords. And my internal clock is saying it's time for a walk. Here or there in Oakland.

Later. Another nap, the head coming together as it most often does as we move into an afternoon. I'm thinking of axing the alarm, sleeping in as late as I'm able and not worrying about getting back from breakfast before the meters start. Just walk to breakfast in the mornings when I get up. See if I do indeed get additional sleep or if I just stay awake later in the evenings and it turns out to be a wash. And I should experiment with a different approach to breakfast, a different café, try eating at the apartment? I don't yet want to think about that. No I don't.

The local walks have become stale for now. Well, I've become stale. I have a BART station down the way, time to go to San Francisco more often or check out stations to the south. I'm in a rut. I am. Rien left a note yesterday wondering what photographs I might find if I were to shoot on his island in Greece, he a serious photographer himself. We'll start with towns and neighborhoods south of here on BART, build slowly, take it one step at a time.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2011 Gay Pride Parade - Dykes on Bikes with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.