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July 27, 2009

Boy Howdy
Monday. The Lake Oswego routine: up earlier than everyone else, get dressed, drive to Starbucks for a large cup of coffee and a New York Times to bring back and drink the coffee while reading (I think I'll stay and read it out back on Starbucks' patio tomorrow) and then a half hour's walk to a small cluster of stores to have another cup of coffee to catch my breath before walking back to the house. A pretty good workout, I thought, that slow shuffle; time for a nap, I thought, a nap the result. All this excitement and it's not even noon! Boy howdy!

You've maybe overworked that schtick.

Later. My sister is actually getting into photographing flowers. By “getting into” I mean she's serious, whether she continues or not is irrelevant, but I suspect a copy of PhotoShop would make an appropriate upcoming birthday present. Maybe. We experimented shooting some things she knows the names of in the back yard yesterday and I, clever I, with all the cameras including the macro lenses for this kind of thing, have discovered there's more than a few tricks that need to be mastered to get a decent picture. She may well keep me on my toes in the photography department. Boy howdy!

Other than that, it's hot up here in Lake Oswego. Hotter than I remember it getting around Portland, the nineties, at least, and in some areas over a hundred. The last time I was here for any period it rained for a solid month and snowed a couple of times. It was winter, yes, one must be honest, but the temperature and the humidity right now has this 'ol Bay Area boy sitting down. Boy howdy.

Boy howdy.

The photograph was taken of an iron something or other in a back yard in Lake Oswego with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 50mm f1.4 Nikkor lens at 1/80 second, f 8, ISO 200.