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San Francisco 2009 Gay Pride Parade.

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July 9, 2009

Given My History
Thursday. Yesterday evening I did, with apparent ease, finish off the counter area in the kitchen and allowed the task to spill over to the stove. The area looks good, gives me a good feeling to look at it. And that stove. It could use more attention. And that computer that's been sitting on the floor in front of it, the old one that's now a piece of junk. What kind of a kitchen has a computer sitting in front of the stove? If I were to move it somewhere (to an electronics recycling place for example) it would free up the entire kitchen and make it relatively easy to wash and wax the floor. Mop and wax the floor. Did I really say that?

People will think you're a slob.

The truth will set you free. That and a clean kitchen.

Back now from breakfast at the usual place, the sky overcast, the day ahead. There were plans to meet at Harrington's in the city late this afternoon, but I think I'll pass. Two days in a row drinking Guinness seems a bit decadent.

Now that is bullshit.

True. But my habits seem to be changing. Eating habits, drinking habits, cleaning the kitchen habits. We'll just go with the flow (that phrase can be retired) and see where it's going. But this is not a new subject.

A photograph of the small wireless webcam in the living room window. Small, three inches tall not counting the antenna, shoots a decent video stream of the empty alley way that feeds my apartment. Close to useless there, but fun to set up and maybe to use one day for real, who knows? Oh, and the square looking thing beside it is the terminating piece of an XM radio antenna. Another piece of equipment not used all that much anymore. I'm not sure what the neighbors think when they look at, but they're aware of it. The guy with the camera has more cameras.

Later. A forty-five minute walk around the area with a dog leg to the left at one point to explore a street I've not walked before. A picture or two, or three. What was it about any of them that struck my attention? You learn by doing (he said to himself like a good little photographer). Even in Oakland.

Later still. Another walk down the way to B of A to deposit a check, back now to take another look at that stove I was discussing earlier. Looks good, not much left to touch it up, brush off a pot or two, shouldn't take long, no thought to head over to the city to meet up at Harrington's. Pretty exciting stuff for a Thursday given my history.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2009 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/250 second, f 2.8, ISO 200.