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The Oregon Coast

July 21st, 2005

Here In Oregon
Wednesday. Breakfast at the usual place, then back to the apartment to setup the company laptop for travel (load the journal, load some photographs, pack necessary items of equipment to make it work on the road, test it at home, cross my fingers and punt). Lunch with the usual crew in Rockridge: four glasses of Guinness and a light lunch consisting of everything. This is probably not good, but it's the first day of my vacation and I am winging it. I will leave for Portland tomorrow, arrive Friday afternoon and see how I manage this when I've done it. Again, this is my vacation. No need to keep to a schedule. No need to do the entire fucking routine.

Thursday. Interesting. When it came time to decide, coast route or inland route up Highway 5, I took the right hand exit choosing the coast. No regrets. Yes, breakfast at the usual (weekend) cafe just after seven, load the car with gas on the way to the highway, on the road by eight. A good drive. The car is getting an additional ten miles per gallon on the road over what I've been getting in the city. Felt sharp, felt good, drove until six. I was thinking of driving until two, but kept right on trucking. This will give me time to stop and shoot pictures tomorrow, should I so choose, or time to linger over breakfast tomorrow or time to shoot pictures of naked women on the nude beaches.

You don't know any nude beaches in Oregon.

Shit. I don't know any nude beaches in California, anymore, and if I did, I'd run.

The picture at the top shows what the weather was like. Overcast. Not overly hot. I've gotten too accustomed to Oakland weather. The rest of the world is not on the same schedule, does not get fog in the morning and sun in the afternoon. They experience conditions such as rain. This must be learned every time I take a trip outside the state and I should remember this, but I don't. I brought an umbrella because I keep an umbrella in the car, but not a raincoat. I've had dinner at the motel and two glasses of wine. Life is good. Here in Oregon.

The photograph was taken on the Oregon coast, unless it was the California coast, on my way to Portland today with a Nikon D2x mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/500th second at f 3.5 at ISO 100.