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Under Construction
Fourth of July in Oakland

July 15th, 2004

In The Fast Lane
Well, obviously I haven't set out for Seattle. I'm in a state I can only relate to times of terminal job burn out, so I'm going to ask my regular doctor for advice about this hiatal hernia operation at my annual check up next month - could any of this burned out aching head be part of a misjoined, misaligned, inconveniently connected stomach? Seems unlikely. Just getting rid of the chest pain would be worth it, although I'm not ready to check into Stanford hospital again without more time and thought. What I pass as thought, thoughtless here in Oakland.

An opportunity to learn, young man.

Well, this funky feeling is usually worse in the morning and clears up in the afternoon and evening. The surgeon said, well, that makes sense. You sleep lying down, the old stomach lining creeps further up into the esophagus and you feel crappy in the morning. During the day, standing, sitting, gravity pulls the stomach down somewhat from the esophagus (this isn't accurate, but it conveys the idea) and you feel better. Or have we arrived in ya! ya! land here? Desperate to kick this I'm hallucinating a cure, any old cure, even the scalpel? OK. We talked about learning. We can learn to recognize hallucinatory self deception as easily as regular self deception, can we not?

Anyway, per schedule, feeling better later in the day, I went into the office for an hour around five, did the stuff I needed to do, stopped on the way back home and had dinner at the sushi place. I figure if I'm going to go into the office on a vacation day I'm going to treat myself to something more than a whiskey and water that evening, particularly since I hadn't had lunch.

The (usual) large hot sake, a California roll and a spicy tempura roll followed by green tea cheesecake, twenty seven bucks including tip. The evening is looking better. Back to the apartment to finish Once Upon a Time in America, which I haven't seen in twenty years. Robert DeNiro (when he was making real movies) and James Woods, directed by Sergio Leone. I've watched more movies through Netflix in the last four weeks than I have in the last four months. Life in the fast lane.

The banner photograph was taken on the Fourth of July on Broadway in Oakland with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 28 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at ISO 1000.