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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

July 30th, 2003

Last Minute Stuff
Tuesday. I leave for Seattle tomorrow evening, close to twenty-four hours on the train. There are two loads of laundry running in the washers downstairs and I'm thinking of packing the cameras this evening, laying out the suitcase and thinking through a kind of check list that I will use to finish packing after work tomorrow. The train isn't due to leave Jack London Square until nine forty-five. Plenty of time, plenty of time, he said to the sound of laughter.

Last minute changes, of course. The thought was to get off at Portland and stay with my sister, then drive up with them to the family party. Turned out they were going to be in Seattle before I arrived, so I thought, well, I'd stay at their place, rent a car and drive up Saturday, leave the car in Seattle and return to Portland with them. Second thought: Go straight through to Seattle, check into a hotel, spend Friday shooting pictures (and eating and drinking and eating and drinking), catch a ride Saturday morning with my cousin to the island (the ferry landing is located nearby), meet my sister at the party and ride back with them. Leave for Oakland on Monday, arrive Tuesday, take Wednesday off to recover before returning to work. And maybe order the car. I could have used the car.

Extending your train ticket to Seattle from Portland two days before your trip is problematic on an undoubtedly booked solid in the middle of summer train. Has anyone bought my sleeping compartment between Portland and Seattle? The man in the Amtrack t-shirt said "no sweat". The ticket is in my pocket. I'm ready to ride.

Wednesday. Well, I found lodging at the last minute somewhere a cab ride away from the train station in Seattle. Probably rent a car on Friday. Probably post an entry without any pictures, maybe skip posting altogether. I'm stupid to have gotten tied up with all this last minute stuff.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride parade.