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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
A Blogger's Happy Hour in Oakland

July 19th, 2003

The Sulu Sea
Rien's back. Has it really been a year, almost a year? They seem to be making progress in their planned move to the Greek island. Isn't Greece near, well, places like Turkey and Admin-istan? Can you hear gunfire in the distance, the way you can here in Oakland? Welcome back, I'm not sure what's changed in the interim, my own writing isn't any better, I'm still carping about buying a car and the webcam, the poor dust covered not connected to the computer webcam still sits on a shelf surveying the living room. We can use more of that Asylum energy and invention, we could always use that, but what we need, what we really want is to see how you pull it off and borrow your method to find our own Ionian Island not too far from Maui. You know Maui? East of the Sulu Sea?

The photograph was taken at a recent Ladies and Gents Who Lunch Happy Hour at PCB.