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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.


A day at the office.

July 27th, 2000

Brain Impairment
My last entry is a good example of why they invented the second and third draft. Something I'd like to learn about one day, but you know how it is, all these obligations, fixing dinner for Wuss (thank god for those pull top cans), hour long luncheons in cheap Chinese restaurants, stopping by the camera shop to drop off film, stopping by the camera shop to pick up film, downloading my voluminous correspondence. It isn't a change in journal land that has me on edge, buttons for bucks, it's a change in journal mine, the reasons for my writing are becoming clearer and my direction, I suspect, is changing. Change can be unsettling, particularly, I have a hunch, if it leads to this second and third draft business.

I talked about writing a column, something about moving to a weekly rather than a daily or an every other daily format. I've been thinking about it and writing about it here for some time. I often write things in this journal (more than I should) so that I can read them as if they were written by another writer, to turn them over and think about them. Is this thing I've written a good idea or not? Should I do this or should I do that? I think it useful. I don't have anyone, really, to bounce ideas off, so I bounce them off myself. A totally closed system where the writer is his own reader, a hermetically sealed ecosystem, writer, reader and photographer all rolled into one. The editor is unusually understanding and the publisher is a peach.

I'm thinking of going over to San Francisco tomorrow to shoot some pictures of the end of month Another day at the office. "Critical Mass" gathering of bicycle riders, something I've been threatening to do now, well, forever. A first step in my plan for a "weekly" written piece, some snappy dialogue on photographing this gathering of bay area bicyclists protesting the bike riding conditions in San Francisco on the last Friday of every month. Nothing particularly thoughtful or accurate, you understand, just some comments on looking over the assembled crowd coupled with a picture or two. In two or three or, and this is only because it's the first of what I hope is a series, four drafts. The bay area isn't very bike friendly. But then you knew that. By the time you're my age you've had at least one or two friends who've been clipped by a car and killed, maimed or put into the hospital. Fortunately, I exaggerate. Two friends into the hospital. One of them now drives a ten passenger SUV and gazes wistfully as she passes a cyclist on the right, hitting the air horn just as she creeps up close to their back tire. I suspect brain impairment.

The banner photograph was taken recently in our headquarters and the second photograph was taken yesterday on one of our field offices. The quote under The Sole Proprietor title is anonymous.