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Here In Oakland

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January 2, 2017


Tuesday. And so to bed and lights out after nine to get another decent night's sleep, although I awakened early at five-thirty. Still, dawdled along listening to Democracy Now! on another overcast morning (they're saying no rain until tomorrow) to then set out and walk to breakfast at six-forty, arriving before seven not long after the restaurant had opened. So good. No complaints. No surprises.

The oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, the weight one-fifty and two tenths of a pound on the scale when I got up, but oatmeal was what appealed. We'll make our one-fifty target tomorrow, unless something happens and we throw caution to the wind (or get hungry). “Get hungry” has its way more often than often.

You're babbling.

I know, but nothing much going on to talk about. I usually take all they day's meds before I set out for breakfast, but left the pain meds out this morning. Yesterday's “let's test life without them” idea. The sinus-upper palate is letting me know it's there at the moment, but maybe no more so than it always has, so we'll continue the experiment. How many times have I said that and then caved in too soon without getting a definitive answer? Too many, most of them documented here.

Again, overcast. The Monday New Year's Day trash pickup was pushed to this Tuesday morning and so some overfilled trash barrels were in evidence, but otherwise the usual walk home, taking the usual pictures. At least some of them were in focus.

Now you're both bitching and babbling.

Cut us some slack. It's an overcast Tuesday and the sinuses are talking.

Later. An hour's nap, suggesting I in fact didn't get enough sleep last night. Ah, well. The sinus-upper palate is indeed doing its thing, but more so than it would had I taken the meds? At times, but still nothing conclusive. I do find I more often read stories in the papers of people managing pain than I have in the past, not that my particular problem is of a scale many people are forced to manage. But we'll see. It's mid-afternoon now and I haven't broken down and restarted the meds, but for now I'm keeping it to babbling.

The photo up top and the photo behind the journal title were taken two years ago today at the Oakland City Center. When's the last time I've been to the City Center? Since they've put up their tree? Quite a difference in my mobility in these last two years. I'd say.

Later still. OK, it's four o'clock and so finally, after many almost exits, out the door to walk the short distance to the one day to be apartment house/condominium complex construction site to take a single snapshot. You can't easily see it, but the second floor of the building is a construction area with a table saw and work bench, so I suspect they're doing something. Walked back halfway down the hill, but decided to turn around and go back to the apartment. Not much to show other than staying in all the day if you don't count breakfast.

Evening. Nothing on television (you'd think I would have learned that by now) and so an attempt to watch something on the tablet. Do other people have long lists of series and films they've been watching in pieces before giving up? The second or third episode that turned to crap? The movie you're only able to watch in ten minute increments? Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that.

Back on the pain meds tomorrow by the way, the sinuses and upper palate have been a mess all day.

The photo was taken January 2, 2016 at the Oakland City Center with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.