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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


January 29, 2017


Sunday. Indeed to bed early last night, no interest in watching anything on the tablet (we'd had enough television earlier to last for a lifetime) and so lights out and to sleep reasonably early to (of course) then awaken at five-thirty. OK. Five-thirty. Took our time stirring, getting up finally at six to get ready to drive to breakfast, except the Chronicle and Times were late and so we sat and waited.

Nice day, though. An easy drive to and from breakfast, the only thing I was interested in eating was the oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee again. They mentioned there was an introduction to some of the A's players going on in Jack London Square yesterday and today, maybe make that our walk today. Haven't been to the Square in some time.

Later. Wrong about the A's event in Jack London Square, it was yesterday only. Also noticed I'd missed the Oakland Lunar New Year Bazaar earlier this month, when a picture from a prior year popped up on my Facebook page. So we're zip for two this morning.

A brief walk over to the lake thinking, as I passed the bus stop, maybe a ride to Chinatown would be in order. A day after the Lunar New Year, but that doesn't mean something might not still be going on. Didn't stop, went by the lake and then returned to the apartment.

Later still. More time on the computer, a nap, another walk exactly like the earlier walk, in that I started out thinking bus, but instead headed over to the lake and then back around to the apartment. Thought of eating, a bit hungry, but nothing appealed. It's been like this for how long? Life is more complicated, perhaps, than we can know. Where was “nothing appealed” back when it might have been useful?

And yes, I've been following/watching/reading/hallucinating over the news on Trump, the travel ban, the protests at the airports. It was reported Trump and his staff watched Finding Dory as a crowd protested outside the White House today. There is no Kansas anymore.

Evening. Last Sunday I'd watched a half hour Sherlock Holmes episode made in 1954 I'd found, well, laughable and, in looking up its history after seeing it, discovered it was now running on PBS every week. And this evening's episode was similarly, well, genuinely awful.

But you watched it?

Just the beginning. Will any of the current ones I've been watching with at least some interest have the same effect this has had on me when people watch them in another sixty years?

You understand this is an aspect of advancing age? A certain obtuseness in moving forward and adapting to current changing attitudes and culture?

I believe the phrase is hauled forward “kicking and screaming”. I recall writing a positive review of a television Batman series in my college newspaper when that particular (bang! pow!) catering to we youngsters series was introduced in the mid-sixties. What would be my reaction to a similar series if it were introduced now? Perhaps in some ways with age I'm growing more thoughtful.

As in scattered.

It's been a long day here in Oakland.

The photo up top was taken at Friday's Emergency #NoDAPL March in Oakland with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.