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Here In Oakland

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January 27, 2017

Cut It

Friday. To bed early again last night after another onset of a light ocular event (yes, I'd had a pork chop for breakfast, playing with fire), to then get to sleep quite early and to awaken before six. Still, felt good, and so drove to breakfast as I was bringing a set of pictures I'd taken for the manager of the restaurant and didn't want to carry them while walking. Not much of an excuse to drive, but we were feeling good and, when it comes to excuses, we're not overly picky.

You evidently have to prove you've prominently posted a letter in your restaurant to announce you're applying to hire a non-resident, in this case a worker in the kitchen, and so she'd asked me to take two photographs of the letter yesterday morning and then take another set in two weeks time to document the fact they'd been posted. The letter itself outlines the position being filled, the salary and such and so I took the pictures and ran the prints yesterday when I got home.

I have no experience with this sort of thing and so wondered at the requirement. Two sets of pictures taken two weeks apart to show this letter had been displayed for that period? Include dates written on the pictures to prove the two week requirement? You could print any date you wanted on a picture using Photoshop, so why make writing the date a requirement? Cheating would be easy. Anyway, a drive to breakfast with papers and pictures in tow. It's not my problem.

Something about a protest march downtown later today at one. A chance to get our walking in along with more pictures. We'll attend.

Later. A bus downtown at noon to walk to the bagel shop in the City Center to have a tuna fish bagel and coffee at an inside table this time, the outside tables in shade and it was too cold for what I was wearing.

Walked over to the City Hall at twelve-thirty, a half hour before it was slated to start, and sat waiting on a bench in the sun. Warm enough sitting in the sun.

People began coalescing finally as one approached and so some few pictures as they came together and people started speaking to the assembled group, more than a few of them, it turned out, having been at the North Dakota protest camps earlier during the pipeline demonstrations.

I'd like to say I stayed long enough to take a good group of pictures, but left at one-thirty and caught a bus home. Tired. Clear headed and feeling good, but physically tired and so turned on the news, downloaded and processed the photographs and here we are.

Evening. A good day. No sign of any of the ocular migraine business about, but the last two came on around eight and it's only six as we write. I did have the chicken apple sausage for breakfast, something I've had in the past assuming “chicken apple” meant is was OK, none of the to be avoided cured meat business, but I guess we'll know soon enough. I obviously exhibit no signs of sensible restraint while at breakfast in the mornings. Mostly I say no because the stomach says no, but sometimes the stomach is maybe still asleep and the plain waffle with sliced fruit won't cut it.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Women's March with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.