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Here In Oakland

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January 13, 2017

Until Ten

Friday. I did get to bed early last night, but had one hell of a time drifting off into anything that could be called sleep. Hour after hour glancing at the clock, getting up twice to then get right back into bed. Awoke at six-thirty feeling clear headed and ready to walk to breakfast, but wondering why with all the trouble getting to sleep last night. I'm assuming it will come back later and put us down for a nap.

Clear skies, not quite as cold as I was expecting from the weather forecast, although I might be saying this because I'd bundled up with everything in the closet before setting out. A good walk to and a good walk back, taking a couple of snapshots: the attitude good, the head and eye clear, the sinus-upper palate reasonably quiet.

Later. A bus to the Broadway ATM to turn right around again and take a bus back to the apartment. Bright sun, clear skies and, once I'd gotten home, ready to lie down and sleep for over an hour. Felt good.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now!, watched the beginning of the Inspector George Gently episode at seven, discovered I'd seen it before and remembered I hadn't liked it back when. Checked out Charlie Rose at eight and delayed to check out the DCI Banks episode half an hour later. Was expecting to turn it off and quit for the night, but it turned out to be a decent episode and I watched it through and didn't get to bed until ten.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.