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Here In Oakland

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January 11, 2017


Wednesday. Lights out fairly early, although another seemingly extended period of slipping in and out of sleep last night. How much “in”, how much “out” I can't really evaluate. Seems to be OK, as I was awake at quarter to six to get up without particular effort to drive to breakfast on what looks to be a day with some sun. Rain tomorrow, but then no more rain until this coming Wednesday. They say. Hey.

Scrambled eggs, country potatoes and toast along with the standard fruit cup and coffee, we figured for whatever reason that was what we were having for breakfast. Home now after editing yesterday's entry. I say I'm clearer headed in the mornings during and after breakfast, but the writing doesn't support it. The editing helps, but just barely.

We had another shooting yesterday downtown on Broadway at a bus stop I'm more than familiar with. Doesn't encourage thoughts of going to the City Center later. Maybe figure a way to stop fretting over such things or flat out quit reading the local papers.

Later. An hour lying down listening to an interview with Andrew Bacevich on KPFA that followed the airing of some of the questions from Trump's press conference this morning. I'd been thinking, while listening to Trump, about what Bacevich later described as Trump's unending stream of over the top adjectives. Every statement was either “the greatest” or “the worst” person, act, thing, law or slander on the planet and I found it hard to listen for more than a few minutes.

Bacevich, in the interview that followed, stated he'd had the same reaction - all adjectives, no information; all ends, no means - and he talked about his piece published today on the TomDispatch site, reasoning the Trump election marked the end of a period that had begun with the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Bacevich doesn't know what's coming, but the power structure will adjust and that adjustment is less in Trump's hands than in the hands of the people he's appointed as advisors and he's worried about the many unpredictable directions we could be taking.

Anyway, after an hour of this I took a walk over to the lake, just over and back, but at least took a couple of pictures. We keep saying we want to take pictures.

Evening. Television for the rest of the day, the head in pretty good shape. Looking forward to the sun they're saying is on the way after it rains tomorrow.

Which means you get out and about and take all kinds of pictures, right?.

Which means I'll more likely stay inside, watch television and make more excuses.

The photo up top was taken of Lady C in the early seventies in San Francisco.