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January 26, 2016

And Strikes

Tuesday. Lights out by ten, a somewhat uneven - there was that half hour in there somewhere when I was more conscious than I would have liked - but a reasonably decent night's sleep, awakening at quarter past six. Too early, true, but we stretched it out listening to Democracy Now (as has been our habit) before walking to breakfast on a clear morning, the sun shining as I walked back. No complaints.

And (the thought occurring just now) today is the day I need to run the Protime blood thinner test. I've remembered it twice today when the fact this is “Tuesday” came up in dealing with something else. Oh, right. The damned blood thinner test. We'll do it. Now.

Done. Maybe an odd thing to find yourself doing when I realize I haven't met many people who need to so something like this. At first it was a monthly trip to a hospital lab where they drew blood. I've never spent much time thinking about the doing of it. “You need to stick your finger with a needle once a week.” OK. I'll take care of that. “We need to cut here, remove a couple of things and then stitch you back up.” OK. If you say, we'll add it to the schedule.

Maybe a hint of stupidity in that?

I wonder, now and again, whenever I take the sinus meds.

Later. Sunny, reasonably warm, and so a bus downtown to Latham Square to take the usual set of pictures, thinking the bus had been running late and so I'd probably miss it on the return trip, but finished with two minutes to spare and made it back to take pictures at the apartment house construction site.

I'd been thinking, seeing at truck picking up a number of the portable toilets earlier as I was setting out, that maybe they were close to finishing the project and no longer needed porta-johns for the crew. After walking the perimeter of the project taking pictures I think not. Still work under way. Probably be done this next month.

Does anybody really care when they finish, one way or another?

Maybe if you're going to be living there. It would do me good if it gets me out shooting pictures of something else. Pictures that involve people's faces? Street photographs? The stuff that gets me off (my duff)?

Later still. A couple of hours working on today's pictures, finding I now have enough for another apartment house construction site section. We'll get to it tomorrow, if not later today. Read the recent Scientific American before starting the pictures, something that's been happening a little more recently, the reading. I haven't been pushing it, other than occasionally bitching about it here, but life would be better if that old fire could be re-lit. Relighted. Started up.

Evening. Tablet time, I'm afraid. Watched the first half of Democracy Now, checked out Charlie Rose to find he was interviewing Dick Cheney and immediately checked back into bed, another day done in this odd long string of days of babbling here on the web.

It does strike you as odd?

Generally at night, half awake, when reality creeps in and strikes.

The photo up top was taken Monday at the #96Hours #DirectActionWeekend March to Emeryville at Frank Ogawa Plaza with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.