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Here In Oakland

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January 20, 2016

Much Effort

Wednesday. We've been pretty consistent with the lights out at ten now for quite a while and it seems to lead to awakening closer to six (as it did this morning) than to the six-thirty (or later) time I'd prefer. Maybe we'll experiment with turning the lights out later, although, without some new and novel thing to keep me awake, I'm thinking I'm more babbling here than serious.


Up easily enough to head out the door well before seven to walk to breakfast on a half cloudy, half clear morning, they're saying no real rain until Friday into Saturday, so we've maybe got a couple of decent days ahead.

I noticed, walking this morning, the vision was quite clear in comparing it to what yesterday I was calling a slowness to focus properly on objects in the distance, something I've experienced in the past. It more puts you more slightly off your balance than in getting in the way of seeing, but the added, um, “wariness”, is disconcerting. Not a lot, but enough. Happy to see it not happening again this morning.

Need to pick up a prescription later and, in doing so, take another set of Latham Square photographs, so something to keep us entertained. I will redo some of the photographs I posted yesterday, they do seem darker than they need to, although they're probably more accurate in reflecting an overcast and dark day.

Later. That worked out pretty well. A bus to Latham Square to take the usual set of pictures. Not many workers visible on site, but work getting done, progress being made.

A walk on to the pharmacy where I picked up the prescription refill, had them make adjustments to the insurance and still managed to catch the return bus home. I'd been thinking there was no realistic chance of getting the pictures and the prescription refill done in time to catch that bus, but I did. So good. Worked out this time.

Back to the apartment house construction site, thinking maybe I'd get something to eat at the café across from it on the corner before taking pictures, but decided no, not now, took a quick set of photographs and managed to return not long after noon.

Now to process the pictures and look at the march photographs. Be interesting to see if the energy holds and I get them done. I'm now betting maybe, since it doesn't really matter if I finish them today or tomorrow and I'm not embarrassed to find myself flaking, but who knows? Not I. In Oakland.

Babble, babble. Excuses, excuses.

Later still. Didn't process all of today's pictures and only looked at one or two of the MLK Monday march photographs before I'd had enough for an afternoon. Fine. A bath, lie down for a while, get up to watch Democracy Now again after having gotten interested in the Koch brothers piece they'd reported on the radio this morning.

Evening. More time on the tablet with one or two movies that soon devolved into a discussion of why a clever guy such as I was watching them in the first place. OK, time to check out Charlie Rose, staying with it almost through to the end before flipping through the other channels before hanging it up for the evening. Not a bad day, a bit tired right now, but that's good, a sign we might get to sleep without too much effort.

The photo up top was taken Monday at the #96Hours #DirectActionWeekend March to Emeryville at Frank Ogawa Plaza with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.