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Here In Oakland

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January 26, 2015

To Bed

Monday. To bed early to futz with the tablet again last night, lights out fairly soon thereafter, awake before the alarm and then up to head off to breakfast as I've done now since retirement. A pretty good morning, another sunny day out there from the look of it, the head relatively clear. Which is good: the head relatively clear.

Have nothing planned for the week, but some of the enthusiasm to go out and look with a better eye for pictures still remains from yesterday and so you never quite know what may transpire out here in the sunny wilds of Oakland.

Later. A bus downtown taking a picture or two on the way to the stop, a cinnamon roll and coffee at a table outside of the bagel shop, a return home getting off the bus a stop early to take the day's set of construction site photographs. Not much walking accomplished, heading for bed to lie down for an hour to see if I couldn't get in more sleep. Some success, but no more than say twenty minutes of real rest.

Up to take a dose of pain meds for the sinuses. Since I no longer take them automatically with the other three meds I take in the mornings I no longer use all that many, but they do come in handy when the sinuses get out of hand. Pain meds. Something you'd hoped wouldn't have a place in your future.

You never know.

True. Good or bad, best they continue to do their work.

I've been watching the Greek elections, wishing the winning Syriza party luck with their anti-austerity program. Well, I wish the Greek people luck with Syriza and hope they're successful in pulling it off. So many so called revolutions turn into something quite other than the platform the winning party was running on. But what the hell? Greece has been in the tank since the financial crisis, the worst that can happen (he says as if he knows) is they remain in the tank and need to throw the new set of bastards out and try again with someone else.

Later still. The sinuses are still rattling, but less so an hour after taking the meds. The meds working or the sinuses backing off over time? A combination of both? Probably both, but it's impossible to really know.

Evening. Worked on more of the apartment house photographs, posting them finally to the web sites. Weird how the late morning through mid-afternoons tends to be the funky period, if there's going to be a funky period, and the evenings tend to be free. With the now and again exceptions of the ocular migraines I've had arrive while watching something on the tablet. Of course. Want to blame it on whatever it was I've been eating that day, but there's no consistency in that. Probably because the doctors emphasize foods. Chocolate, alcohol, cheese. The good stuff.

Watched Death In Paradise, one I've of course seen before but only remembered scene by scene as it was playing out. Who'd done what to whom. Well, we knew the what and the whom, just not the who'd. Who'd ended up screwed in the end as he or she most always does in the television paradise.

Hi, ho.

Hi, ho and here we go, to bed.

The photo up top was taken yesterday on the way to the lake with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.