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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


January 13, 2015

Enlarging File

Tuesday. Lights out again before ten and to sleep not long after, up once during the night, but then sleeping until the alarm sounded at six. Not a bad night's sleep, we'll see if there's a need for naps as the day evolves, but so far, so good. Off to breakfast, Mr. S dropping by for coffee on his way to work to say hello, back to the apartment on another clear going to be sunny spare the air day. They're saying something of a record of eleven in a row, these spare the air days. Not good for the very young and the old. Soot and such. Gets in the lungs.

Not that you go outside anymore and walk in the stuff.

You never know what's been happening, I guess, until it decides to take a bite. Walking in this town, evidently, can be bad for your health in more ways than one.

Now, now. Be nice.

Later. A thought to listen to Democracy Now at nine while lying in bed as I'd listened to the first part of it this morning as I was getting up and wanted to hear the rest, not wanting to wait until it plays again on television tonight. Decided to turn on the radio and then run a bath, as easy to listen in the tub as lying on the bed.

Felt better after the bath and so out the door to take the bus downtown for coffee and a cinnamon roll outside the bagel shop at the usual table, then to walk by City Hall and catch the free bus to Grand and walk on back to the apartment.

A little tired, a little warm (I actually have the sliding glass door open with the fan running as I write) and so we'll head over to the apartment construction site later for the daily photographs. Not sure where they day may be going from here. One in the afternoon. I should be hungry, but I'm not.

Later. Some work on the computer (still has hard drive issues), spent time on the guitar, more time on the web. What did we do before the web? Read quite a bit, didn't watch much television until my fifties? Forties? All those years I didn't have a television set, sounds like someone who probably wouldn't warm as he got older to smart phones and the Internet.

You're not real big on using your smart phone for more than figuring out when to catch the bus. Where'd that come from?

I sat down to write and that's what came out. Haven't gone over to the construction site yet for pictures and suspect (now that it's four in the afternoon) I won't. Life in the slow lane. At least we're still on the road. Mostly on the road.

Evening. Another odd “best to lie down before we fall down” event that lasted for a little over an hour, asleep for those last thirty minutes. Couldn't quite focus the eyes, the head wandering here and there, awakening in stages while reality did little jaunts and jumps as consciousness arrived. I know, sounds incomprehensible and maybe that's the way to describe it. As in you can't really describe it.

Still, nothing too terrible unless it becomes more common, it's happened before, no recent foods I can blame it on, up in time to watch Democracy Now for the third time today.

Nothing on television so we'll undoubtedly play more guitar before going to bed, probably around eight, watch something (if we can find something) on the tablet and then out with the lights. Early. Another odd day to add to the ever enlarging file.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the #JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo rally in front of the San Francisco City Hall with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.