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January 30, 2014

Makes Me Nervous
Thursday. To bed at eight, to sleep just after nine, awake fifteen minutes before the alarm was set to go off at six to get up this morning feeling rested. For a change. A very light rain last night, they're saying clear skies and sun starting today and through the week, so the day begins well. Not for our drought, we're still screwed, but for what looks to be a good morning to me after these last couple of days, so no complaints.

Nothing on the schedule, a bus downtown later to pick up one or two needed things and straighten out a problem with the Protime test kit with a phone call, the replacement parts not having arrived in time to do the scheduled test yesterday. I'd ordered them two weeks ago, but should have freaked earlier when they didn't arrive. It takes them time, but not two weeks. No great harm, we'll get it straightened out.

Later. Another off, dry mouth feeling. Didn't last long, but it came on during a short walk over to the lake, not paying as close attention to the one or two pictures I managed, some slight confusion in processing the pictures when I got back home before lying down to let it pass.

This after what I think of as a safe plain waffle with fruit and coffee breakfast. Could be the coffee, I suppose, if it's anything to do with food. The dry mouth has a kind of bitter feeling to it that you'd associate with coffee. But we go around and around, even I grow weary.

Better now, not quite back, but maybe that trip downtown. I need to get out of the apartment again. Before it rains. If it's going to rain.

Later still. And indeed a bus downtown, feeling better, perhaps as I always seem to feel better when I get outside. Off at the City Center to pick up another two bottles of a mouthwash the dentist recommended for a dry mouth - she'd brought it up after noticing whatever it is you notice when you're looking inside a (dry) mouth - and then a walk to the City Center to have coffee (small, half water, taking no chances) and a packet of almonds. They say (to the gullible) that almonds and other nuts are good for you and you should eat them now and again. So I do.

A walk then back to the apartment taking but one picture as I passed in front of City Hall. Cumbersome, carrying the camera in one hand and a plastic bag (with two bottles of mouthwash) in the other. Still, a good walk, the exercise for the day done, the sun is out and I'm thinking, now that it's one in the afternoon, of going outside yet again. The head (if not the sinuses and the palate) give you a break and suddenly it's full speed ahead.

My, my.

Me, me.

Later still again. Another “things are going well again, now that it's the afternoon”, from the look of it. The head seems clear, the sinus-palate sustainable. Manageable.

Another (very short) walk over to the lake with a long lens on the camera, the sun out, the sky clear. One or two pictures of what birds I could find that were willing to smile for the camera before turning around to head back home to process the pictures, tune the guitar for today's session and listen to the mid-afternoon news. Life shifts into the fast lane yet again, these past few days (almost) forgotten.

Short term memory loss?

Sometimes it comes in handy.

Evening. And so there are another two episodes of Inspector Lewis later this evening starting at eight that run well beyond my bedtime at ten when Elementary runs, one I've seen before and don't need to see again. We'll see. Perhaps I've seen enough of this British detective series that's situated in Oxford that I can put off watching that second episode and get to bed.

Sounds possible.

Doesn't it. Possible. I wonder. Makes me nervous.

The photo up top was taken at Jack London Square this week with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.