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January 17, 2014

Always Does
Friday. The Elementary last night was a repeat, so no need to stay up late, although the International Mystery program that started at nine (and lasted for one and a half hours) was one I hadn't seen before and so I did get to bed late. Ten-thirty. Such is the situation. Not bad, ten-thirty, but then again, not good. Obviously it doesn't matter or I'd do something about it.

Up with the alarm, no problem, off to breakfast and back on another sunny morning. They say it got up to 78 degrees yesterday and we're due for sun through the next three months. If true we're in trouble (as we're always seem to be in trouble lately) so stumbling toward spring will at least be interesting.

I've been having problems with various password resets on more than a few accounts. I do keep track and I'm careful not to save passwords and ID's on computers or other connected devices, but I get the impression there's been a whole lot more hacking going on lately than in just the companies that have been making the news.

I suspect the Internet world is seeing lots of tech support calls lately, two of my own this morning to get my issues resolved. Life in the technical age, lots of change and added stress. Maybe why I take pictures. Computer pictures, yes, but the taking of pictures is restful, gets you outdoors and is mostly fun.

Later. A decent morning. More followup on the various password problems, one last little problem still remaining. Good. A walk over to the lake with a long lens on the camera to find little or nothing going on. A snapshot to use later to look up a duck that was out on the lake in some number (looked him/her up, still not sure what it is), but otherwise everyone (except the coots) was floating and resting, no interest in doing anything energetic.

Felt pretty good at least, no little edges of paranoia creeping in. Maybe paranoia is too strong, but nothing to make the thought appear somewhere deep down inside that we were not at one hundred percent and maybe we should think about going back inside. Felt good, we'll leave it at that.

A dogleg over to the burger drive-in for a turkey sandwich. We'll eat it later for dinner. Breakfast was a plain waffle with sliced fruit, taking no chances. Lunch a small portion of dry grape-nuts, probably safe with it and now dinner turkey with lettuce tomato and pickles on a bun. If it leads to a funky hour or two later this afternoon I'm going to give up altogether and go back to sake, ice cream and whiskey neat (if I ever develop the urge to have another drink again).

Another laundry list of aches and pains. There was a time you attempted more.

If I'm ever going to up the effort a notch I'll put it into the pictures.

Evening. The day and now the evening continues to roll along without any thought to go to bed and pull the covers up. There's a BBC series called New Tricks that plays at seven and, although I'd never admit to watching it, being about old fart detectives solving old dead cases and such, I did of course. Watch.

Now two of the Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes episodes playing at eight, neither of which I've seen before, to fill out the evening. Ambivalent about his portrayal of Holmes (as I am about the Elementary treatment, Holmes as damaged goods), but I'll watch. For old times sake. To show respect to the Detective and the Doctor.

Sounds icky, all this wallowing around in Holmesian television fare.

Always does.

The photo up top was taken walking up Broadway with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.