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January 5, 2014

That Was It
Sunday. To bed last night again at a decent hour, up without having set the alarm at six-thirty, off to breakfast with the three Sunday papers to have an avocado and mushroom omelet on this sunny morning. Feel pretty good. Better than yesterday? Less so than last week? Who knows, but good. A good start to a good day. Why not? It happens. More I think lately than I let on. We'll see if that avocado omelet has any consequences later and worry about them then.

Is it on your to be avoided list?

Only for the blood thinners. Evidently avocados in any great quantity causes the medication to become stronger and the blood to get thinner than you would like, bleeding a problem. We'll know when we read the test results on Wednesday, but I think that's far off enough in the future that any temporary effect will be gone.

Later. A long lens on the camera and a walk over to the lake to notice the vision was a little jerky and there really weren't any (doing clever photographable things) birds about. And so a walk back to the apartment, a bright sparkly thing growing as I was on the elevator and showing up when I closed my eyes. Maybe I was anticipating something in my earlier comments? Knew I was stupid presentient?

Didn't last long, a lie down on the bed for a bit to clear it up, back now with the head relatively clear, although we'll put off going outside again for the while. Until lunch. Maybe still later.

Still later. Fine, a good afternoon, whatever light ocular symptoms now gone, a movie on Netflix - not good, not bad - Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise, the usual suspect stuff, but done reasonably well. So much for those two hours and any thought of a walk.

Guitar now. We'll see what the evening brings.

Evening. Tired. Could I get to sleep if I went to bed at seven? Before seven? Two hours lying down, drifting to the here and there, up at nine (had I been expecting this?) to see if the foreign subtitled thing they were showing at nine might be worth watching, found it interesting, but not interesting enough to stay up and so went to bed again at nine-thirty. So there. That was it.

The photo up top was taken this month last year at the Oakland City Center with a Nikon D4 mounted with 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens