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January 23, 2012

Monday. To bed a little later last night, but up right before the alarm to head off and back from breakfast. It rained to say the least last night, some lightening, wind and thunder, but although it's overcast and drizzly this morning, most of the excitement seems to have passed. They're saying rain and such today, but sunny tomorrow and Wednesday. Let's hope they're right.

So, back from breakfast before eight to go over yesterday's entry and finding many odd little typos, a result of I don't know what. I say typos, and some undoubtedly are, but odd missing word typos that should have been caught long before this morning. I suspect I always (almost always) post the next morning because my head is clearer then and I more easily catch them, most of them, before embarrassing myself totally by posting. But it gives me pause. Not enough to slow down my day, raining or not I'm in a pretty good mood, but, you know, just saying. Not too much, but the brain is indeed changing.

Nothing much on the list of stuff to get done, although there are a few to do, so onward, through the fog. And the rain. And the fog. Hup.

Later. A rather brief forage out the door with the D2Xs (newly cleaned) and the somewhat large 70-200mm f 2.8 lens thinking maybe I'd like to futz with a large aperture lens at 300mm, the D2Xs having a multiplying factor of 1.5. Normally I don't go out walking with something this big, if only for the visibility of the thing as it isn't all that difficult to carry, but I was just going across the street on a rainy without raining at that moment day, so that's what I did.

Nothing much to show. Geese, yes, lots of geese. I wondered what this guy was with the red eyes, I'll have to look him up. (Better said than done. I couldn't find him in any of my books. You'd think the red eyes would give him right away. Maybe they don't all have red eyes. Maybe I need more comprehensive books.)

Some coots rather blurred at 1/40th of a second, but what the heck. Hand held, not really paying attention to the shutter speed at f 4.0 and ISO 160. The D2X series doesn't have the higher ISO's you'd like, one reason everyone has gone to the D3 series. Still, that multiplying factor is nice. Makes me wonder if there isn't another later model in my future, but best maybe not to think about that.

Back to the apartment after, as mentioned, a very brief trip out and back now that's approaching noon. Maybe go downtown later, see what I can see on this not so great day. But we'll make it, here in late January, looking forward to another month or more of what we here call winter.

Later still. I do repeat myself. A walk down the way (hey) to the morning restaurant for coffee and a waffle. A real waffle, this time, with butter and syrup. I was hungry and it was well after noon. A walk then around the way to have an ice cream cone to sensibly balance the diet, home to the apartment to run some prints. One of the Rip Off Press people from the early days had stumbled across the old artandlife Rip Off Press photographs and sent me an email requesting prints and so off they'll go Wednesday. Best to let them dry for twenty-four hours before you send them out into the real world.

It's now early evening, having practiced the guitar while watching another Scandinavian police procedural. I'm not sure how much I really like them, but you have to read their subtitles if you want to follow along and it allows me (forces me, but nicely) to sit and practice the guitar while I'm watching. Guarantees getting in a good hour or so right there, any other sessions I'm able to manage before or after during the day (and there are always other sessions) are gravy. I may one day actually learn to play this thing. Really.

To bed early, no more of this getting to bed at eleven, getting to sleep around midnight. The sun came out late this afternoon, the sky clearing, so it looks like it really will be nice tomorrow and we'll hit the ground running in the morning light, bright eyed and blathering. I can promise the blathering.

Oakland Chinese New Year Bazaar yesterday taken with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.