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January 15, 2012

Give-In This Once

Sunday. I did watch the last quarter of that game, one of the better games in football or, at least, Forty-Niner's history. And I did go down the hill and have that sushi and sake, returning to watch another Scandinavian police procedural at six, getting to bed finally before nine and sleeping straight through until seven this morning. Nine hours sleep. You'd think we'll not need any naps later. You'd think. We'll see, I'll be keeping track.

Overcast this morning, but the day starting well enough for that. I have no idea what's coming up, I'll let this roll out on the page and then maybe lie down for a bit to work it out. An odd state of affairs, this state of mine, maybe just the dregs of winter, albeit a very light winter, getting to me somehow. I suspect things will look brighter come February or March.

I'm sending the D3s camera body off to Nikon for cleaning tomorrow. I'll not worry about when I receive the D3 they now have back, won't worry if something comes up I want to photograph and then don't have either available to shoot. I want to get them all cleaned and done and ready for the coming year and the way you do that is to just do it.

I owe Mr. P a set of the business cards he so nicely designed and I haven't put them in the mail yet. I have appointments to make. I've paid all the bills, but there are the taxes still to calculate. Move forward, in other words, catch up, spring forward (so to speak). If we must be icky in our speak.

Later. Another nap. Maybe forty-five minutes, but a real nap in that I actually fell sound asleep through most of it, none of this airy-fairy in and out crap. Odd to suddenly take one so soon after wondering I'd want one at all, after what I was guessing was a decent amount of sleep last night. So we'll call for a reset, start the day anew. Will I want another? I'll be keeping track.

At least the sake and sushi I had last night didn't lead to an ocular migraine. I mentioned how quickly any thoughts of them seem to evaporate after I've not had one in a while. Knock on wood. Send a supplicating prayer to the Fates.

Later still. It's afternoon after a walk over and around to the ATM in the cold and overcast. The weather people are saying partly cloudy today with a high in the low sixties followed by sunny days tomorrow, but I suspect they've missed the mark for today at least, it doesn't look promising.

Still there were people about, although not so many: people eating at sidewalk tables along Lakeshore on the way to the ATM, people waiting on the sidewalk to get inside the restaurant that sits beside my own morning restaurant, every inside table taken at my restaurant, which was fine as I was planning on drinking coffee outside. It was cold, but not that cold for the jacket I was wearing and I'm, well partial to outside tables. More partial to eating and drinking alone at tables than maybe is good to be, but we're stuck with it after these many years. No regrets. But something to think about.

I need to catch up on guitar today, yesterday was a bust. It happens. I've been making good progress, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Or however that's said. In the real world you miss a day now and then, not good to obsess over it, not good to do it too often, don't let it slow you down. Time for me to have learned that, I suspect. Hup!

And so?

No ambition to do anything at the moment, this early in the afternoon moment. I'd thought of going by Beverages & More to buy some sake, cheese and crackers and then thought, why would I want to buy sake, cheese and crackers when I don't hanker after any of it, the possibility of them bringing on another ocular event aside? Just to get out? Probably. Antsy, here in the apartment.

No movies I'm willing to go out and see. I've gone to Berkeley many times in the past to take pictures and take in the occasional flick, those times have now long faded into the past. The City Center on a Sunday is a grave, Jack London Square no better. That's often a good time to go and shoot pictures, remember I like to sit alone at a table out on the patio, walking through normally crowded streets and plazas are usually a pleasure. But not this afternoon.

The Chinese New Year Flower Fest is still on today in San Francisco. Nothing calling to me there. Television has been a graveyard even with cable and I don't have cable. I didn't own a television set during most of the seventies, not a fetish I've just recently invented, this no television habit. Guitar? I can do some guitar. I'm running flat, but not that flat.

Later yet again. Spent somewhat less than an hour on the guitar, so that's started well. A foul taste in the mouth started developing - oh, oh - what's that about? Are we heading into something we've experienced before? About an hour lying down and all seems better, something to eat, maybe, something to take us through the rest of the afternoon.

The sun is now finally showing so I suspect the air is a little warmer and another walk might make sense. Pretty exciting, these choices. I'm thinking something to eat, but the only thing that strikes is ice cream and I had two scoops earlier when I went to the ATM and then coffee at the morning café. Probably best not to try to live on ice cream.

Well, hell. A walk down to the 7-11 look-alike to buy, not ice cream, but a nutritious TV dinner: turkey, peas and mashed potatoes. I took a look at it and it didn't stick out its tongue and my stomach was reasonably amenable, so I picked it up, picked up a little cheese-cracker-turkey snack pack (doubly nutritious) and walked back home. The interesting aspect was here again I felt quite good, the head was clear (the sun was bright, the air was crisp, but as cold as it was this morning) and I was feeling quite content with life.

Every afternoon, it seems, goes well. Change my breakfast habits? A small (healthful, no coffee) breakfast to see if the mornings fall in line? I've done this before. I've talked with various doctors about it. Doesn't seem to matter. So I think I need a vacation in very different surroundings to run a proper test. Maybe something near a desert. On an island in an ocean. We'll see. My travel phobia may have to give-in this once.

Yesterday at Lake Merritt taken with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.