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January 9, 2012

I'm Afraid

Monday. A touch of chills again last night, so I headed to bed early, having a hell of a time getting to sleep, so I got up and watched television for an hour at ten. The “chills” are better described as “at the edge of chills”, not nearly as bad as the night before last, but I'm obviously not firing on all cylinders and this will be another day to take it easy starting with a nap now that I'm back from breakfast. Can't start the day off without reading the papers over breakfast, although I left most of it uneaten on the plate, something I didn't do yesterday. No need to overanalyze: felt better this morning, but still feel like crap.

The day is supposed to be sunny with the temperature up in the sixties, this weather holding through the coming week. Since we live in interesting times - weather, rain, climate change, wars, politics and the like - we look at that, a clear and warm week ahead with mixed feelings. For about a minute. Then we settle down to enjoy it. No need to worry about the future just because we're burning the candle at both ends. If we run out of water it won't happen until tomorrow.

Later. An hour's nap, during some of which I suspect I was actually asleep. Good, feel better. I think a walk now is in order. But then a walk is always in order in the morning, definitely a habit that I can't fight. One of those “do I really want to go outside”, all the while putting on the jacket, packing the reading glasses and phone, picking out a camera like a clockwork mechanism, no brain to body connection, the body with its own rules and ambitions.

But OK, walking. It could always be something less entertaining, less useful, less (ugh!) healthy. Hup.

Later still. Another hour or so's nap. No thought yet to go out for a walk, trying to get the energy together to play a little guitar. Once I start it rolls right along, the tuning done, but the starting has been the problem. So I guess I'd better do that now.

Afternoon. A short walk along the lake heading over to the bird sanctuary this time. One or two pictures, it's hard not to take at least one (or three) anymore. I'm seeing myself looking a little harder or, if not harder, then at potential pictures in a little different way. Didn't let me find anything of note while I was out, but I did notice I was trying and that's good, that bucks up the spirits.

I'm afraid the outlines of the day are set, though. I'm tired, probably still fighting the last of whatever this is. No runny nose, no coughing, but tired and hearing a siren call from the bedroom and another nap. And finding the nap easier to enter and refreshing. So, the prospects look good, but good for tomorrow or Wednesday I'm afraid.

Yesterday along Lake Merritt taken Thursday with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.