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January 26, 2011
I Don't Know

Wednesday. Up early, after an interesting evening last night: early to bed, early to rise. To breakfast and the papers and back, futzing here on the computer with the Bob Dylan hosted hour playing on XM in the background (best to remember he's on every Wednesday morning at eight - hup! hup!), now thinking of preparing to go to my guitar lesson at ten.

I did make a series of six prints last night I've been thinking of mounting all six together in a single frame. Progress. Good. The ocular migraine? Well, I recall they can come in batches two and three days in a row and I have a Photoshop class that starts this evening in San Francisco at six. Be interesting if one of these damned things were to come on while I was out and about. We'll think about that, but now off to the guitar lesson. First things first.

Later. I don't feel I did all that well at the lesson. No negative feedback from my instructor - a patient man, he's probably in the right business - but I seem to have a slothful habit of practicing the wrong songs and riffs and such when I'm preparing for the next lesson. He does write these things down, I apparently don't read them closely enough, think I remember them from the lesson. Easily correctable. For a rational student. And I am a rational student much of the time, enough of the time. Hup. Hup.

Another beautiful day. Time for a walk.

Later still. A short walk down the way to have a cup of coffee out at a table at Coffee With A Beat, camera at the ready, no pictures in hand. Then again I wasn't up for much of a walk. Back home, no complaints, I have other things I'm working on. I ordered some foam core board to mount those prints I made yesterday. Take a first crack anyway. I have the equipment and the supplies to do more framing, although I'll have to order custom lengths for the metal frames. Still, progress. More than I've done on the framing for months and months.

I think maybe a nap, a news program or two (I flinch at the thought of having to listen to the President's State of the Union speech last night.) and perhaps another print before I head out later to class. Cookin’, we are, here in Oakland.

Later still again. I have to admit I thought another one of those ocular migraines was coming on about mid-afternoon, but felt pretty good when I headed out for San Francisco, taking a bus to BART, BART to the city and then a twenty minute walk to the class. Three hours, a very good class, I'm looking forward to the next one in another week, back now at the apartment having taken a cab from the Oakland station, the buses not running this late.

Again, feel better now at ten than I did during the day, why that should be I don't know.

The photograph was taken yesterday standing at the bus stop with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 70 - 300mm f 4.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR lens.