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January 15, 2011

Now Have Callouses

Saturday. Nice morning, sun, reasonably warm. Awake at eight without the alarm, to breakfast by nine, back before ten, sitting here now in front of this blank page wondering which way the day might go.

I've promised to shoot baby pictures tomorrow for a coworker at the old shipping company, one and two year old youngsters, and I have no idea how to approach it. She and her husband have an idea in mind, so we'll bring whatever equipment seems appropriate and see what happens. That's not really the way to create good pictures and I may well do some homework later. Ego, you know.

I have a note on my calendar that says “art exhibit 3:00”, something I ran across on the web no doubt, and I may have to dig around to see why I wrote that down. No doubt something to photograph, but what? Where? Excitement this winter Saturday. A good beginning to a good year? Why not?

You're drifting.

I'm tracking down an art exhibit that's due to open later. That and charging batteries for the strobe lights. Oh, and somehow putting up yet another page of photographs on artandlife. I wasn't expecting I had that many I considered worthwhile putting up. And then I wondered if I were making exceptions I wouldn't normally make. And then, and then... It's a stupid page of photographs on a web page, one of tens of millions of pages on tens of millions of sites, it's not worth having doubts. (hup? hup?)

So they're done until the next one comes along in April?

I still have some clean up to do. There's at least one duplicate I need to correct. The color is wrong on one of the sections and there are still dates to add. Maybe do something about all that.

Later. The best I could come up with is an exhibit being held down the street at the Old Crow Art & Tattoo Gallery, but in walking by earlier I didn't see any real activity or much of anything on display, so I walked on thinking I'd catch a bus to Broadway and have a piece of Bakesale Betty's pumpkin pie. This rapidly devolved into a cup of coffee out at a table in front of Coffee With A Beat just across the street.

The eyes seemed to be working, a little activity on the sides, but still, working. I was walking in my imagination, at least, like an old man though, more just slowly than anything else, and realized my idea of BARTing later to San Francisco to photograph a Wikileaks support demonstration in front of the pyramid building at four was undoubtedly out of the cards. Still, it's early, maybe a nap, maybe a trip then all recharged and ready to go to San Francisco although (again) I doubt it. The fact I'm not really considering what is an easy trip is more troubling to me than any of the others at the moment. My habit of projecting my current state onto my entire future. “Woe, we won't go, all is lost!” and that. Bad habit. To introspective, too much thought.

Later still. We are doing our little dance. Feeling better after flipped a mental coin to decide between a nap and a guitar session. I figured if I can't get it together to practice the guitar I'm in worse shape than I care to think and now, some hour or so later, I'm feeling better. We'll finish the day charging camera batteries and adding to the callouses on my fret board finger tips. I can't play guitar yet, but I now have callouses. Pretty hot for an old fart.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland City Center 12th Street BART entrance with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.