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January 5, 2011

Rolls Right Along

Wednesday. Up at quarter to six with the alarm, to breakfast and the papers and back before eight (hup! hup!), my guitar lesson at ten. Oh, and the sun is shining and it's cold outside. Being January and all. Here in Oakland.

Later. OK, we now have another blues riff to learn. And, yes, we do need to do more work with the chords. But we're coming along. We're making progress (hup! hup!). No appointments left on the plate until a doctor's appointment on Friday, an early start at eating away a new health insurance deductible. No complaints. Came very close through circumstance to having no secondary health insurance to go with Medicare, a bullet dodged that's clipped more than one friend over the years. Another reason to love those Republicans. But again I digress. Mumble.

Later. A nap was needed. Feel better now. Maybe forget about getting up early in the future. Early afternoon, the sky clear, brisk, but certainly bearable. I have no interest in getting out for a walk, had to flog myself to make a short drive over to the store to pick something up for a mid afternoon lunch/dinner, maybe work with the new blues riff I was assigned this morning at the lesson. Otherwise, well, who knows? Still just getting my head together from the nap, a bit foggy, but foggy in a nice way. Sorta.

Later still. I scanned a couple of more pictures from (what I'm pretty sure was the 2007) San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. These are photographs of participants, although most of the photographs in the section are of people participating in a costume contest that's held just before the parade starts. Star Wars characters and such. I may have to find out what it's called one day and identify it properly on artandlife.

More time on the guitar, I think. A movie, maybe. Two arrived from Netflix today. Otherwise the week stumbles forward. I may even finish Keith Richard's book. A bit terse in his style, but he rock and rolls right along.

The photograph was taken at a studio session some years ago with a Nikon F5 (or maybe an F6) mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF D lens.