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Yesterday at Lake Merritt.

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January 31, 2009

Just After Ten
Saturday. The last piece of paperwork needed to plug 2008's income into Turbo Tax came yesterday, leaving the deductibles to be entered to finish the return. Which means I need to go through piles of paperwork to figure them out. The deductibles. A good test of all this emerging energy I've been talking about? Have I been hallucinating, believing something to be true that isn't? Maybe. We'll know soon enough.

A drive out to Antioch later this afternoon to attend a party celebrating the Lunar New Year being given by a friend, most of those invited having left the old company at the end of December. Which should be interesting. I believe it's traditional to wear something red. I have a sweater, not exactly the right shade of red, but all my sweaters were gifts over the years from various family members and they're mostly not quite the right shade or have dorky little crests and logos sewn where the pockets should have been that I wouldn't have picked for myself. Oh, and many are too large, too large even in days when I was heavier. Tells you a lot about someone, perhaps, when all their sweaters were gifts and you yourself haven't bought a one. Well, maybe one. Life in the sartorial fast lane, here in Oakland.

(Wait! On a further search I've discovered a bright red Lunar New Year acceptable sweater. That fits! No, really!)


Later. An hour's drive to Antioch, the traffic heavier than I was expecting, a nice afternoon and excellent dinner with plenty of wine, the stomach behaving very nicely for whatever reason. I have no idea why (it behaved), but home again just after ten.

The photograph was taken yesterday at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D3 mounted with an 105mm f 2.0 Nikkor AF-DC lens at 1/6400th second, f 2.0, ISO 200.