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A sign in the Oaksterdam University window on Broadway in Oakland.

Under here.

January 17, 2009

Appreciate It
Saturday. A walk about an hour later than usual to breakfast, the air crisp, the sun still below the horizon, back now thinking of walking over to the farmer's market across from the Grand Lake Theater later this morning to take photographs. If I can find any photographs. A sign of life here in Oakland, don't you think?

I will schedule the hiatal hernia operation Monday. The doctor said it would be a month before they could fit me in, but I'll schedule it after first talking with some people at Stanford hospital for their advice. Life is getting more exciting here at the beginning of the year.

Later. A walk down to the farmer's market, a walk around the market and, one ice cream cone and a Belgian waffle later, I'm back at the apartment ready for, what else, a nap. The Women in Black on one side of the street, of course, the counter protesting support Israel group on the other (I'm not sure why you can't do both, perhaps they're not really on opposite sides of the street after all), a couple of pictures, but without any heart in it.

Still, exercise, the back aching at the moment (this is good, I'm not into aches, but I am into progress and I did have that cone and waffle after all), time now for a nap. I'm meeting two of the usual crew later at the Parkway Speakeasy theater. Do you have a theater that will deliver beer, wine and food to your seat as you're watching the movie in your neighborhood, 21 and over only, with plenty of couches, chairs and side tables to make it all convenient? I agree, where was this place when I was (over 21) younger and more able to appreciate it?

The photograph was taken of a sign in the Oaksterdam University window on Broadway in Oakland with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with an 18 - 200mm f3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR lens at 1/80th second, f4.5, ISO 100.