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The 2007 San Francisco Carnaval Parade.

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January 4, 2009

Reading Horoscopes
Pisces (February 18 - March 19): Consider the year ahead prep time. You just know something wonderful and exciting is going to happen, and it really is. Do a little work on yourself, your lifestyle and your environment while you wait. No an easy task when you're feeling antsy - like an understudy waiting in the wings - but well worth the effort. Perhaps you'll get a preview of coming attractions. Come Feb 24, you're a power to be reckoned with. Good stuff continues through March and April. On Sept. 4, make a decision about what you're going to do with all that cosmic largesse.

Sunday. I think Minerva is suggesting, in her forecast for the coming year today in the Sunday Chronicle, that I clean up the apartment and engage more actively in the world around me in preparation for 2010, a year that will be really swell for Pisceans. Ah, well. Still, putting off excitement and whatever other “good stuff” this year in preparation for the coming year gives me plenty of breathing room. No need to make changes quickly, you understand, but take it easy, plenty of intervals in which to vegetate.

I wonder if the annual stress associated with the holidays leads you, after January 1st, to feel a load being lifted, leads to an upbeat attitude for the year coming having survived the holidays now passed. I've been incrementally feeling better for a number of months (well, weeks), thinking this sinus-head thing is improving, my attitude is improving and I've been making - slowly making, there are no magic bullets flying around - changes. Yes, changes. Less alcohol, for example, a period there last year where too much in the evenings made me realize how little use I have for it anymore. Nothing way out of whack, I know the difference, but still, less is better. I've been turning over the photography and looking at it from different angles leading to the thought something more is coming, if only more of the same, although my assumption is “the same” is not a solution to the problem, if there's a problem. (There's a problem.)

Pisces (February 18 - March 19): You're an antsy understudy waiting in the wings. You know something fabulous is going to happen. But what? And when? It's one of those "different strokes for different folks" things. Consider the year ahead prep time. Remember how good 1998 was? Know that 2010 will even top that. For now, Jupiter remains a Christmas angel in your house of secrets.

That's Minerva's forecast for the coming week. I'm not sure I remember much about 1998, a good year for a Pisces, from what she's saying, the first full year after I put up my first web site, the year I started this journal. I hadn't had the jaw operated on in 1998, hadn't had the prostate removed, so it was a good year if you don't count what's coming. I'd worked at APL for four years in 1998, not a bad time, not a bad place, hints of the turbulence that would mark the future in evidence, but nothing yet on the table, nobody too worried about what might be coming.

Aren't we taking this horoscope business a bit too seriously?

Not really. As I said, pick the horoscope that lights your fire (do they publish any that don't?) and skip any that are too depressing. Ones that suggest you will get your act together through some magic intervention rather than having to go out and actually do it for yourself. Winning the lottery and finding Ms. Right as opposed to setting goals and working toward achieving them. Feel good stuff, the stuff you know will never happen except on television. The hard stuff, stuff that smacks of reality, well, if there are horoscopes like that I'd avoid them.

I'm not sure an attitude like that isn't worse than seriously following horoscopes in the first place.

It's all stuff thrown into the hopper, elements to play with, to use in sneaking up on solving the problem. My attitude, for whatever reason, has been good, is good. I'm looking forward to seeing the future becoming better and playing about with it with words can be useful (a reason, perhaps for keeping a journal). Thinking about it, anticipating it, sneaking up on it by imagining magical intervention may actually get you to a point where you get off your duff. Think of it terms of marketing. The hype, no matter how fantastical, is to set a tone, get you in a mood, makes the work of making it happen less onerous, less problematic. Here in Oakland.

It's been a pretty crappy 2008 yet you have hope for 2009?

Out of turmoil comes opportunity. Out of strain comes release. Going out of your mind gives you a chance to stretch your feathers a bit and fly around before coming back to roost. Wilson brought some of this up yesterday: the time we may have remaining, changes that are not really changes, things we've always considered crap that turned out with reflection not to be crap at all. He's in a hell of a hole, but he seems to understand and maybe he's got a chance of climbing out. If he can do that, I can do whatever piddly assed little stuff I need to do here to get it along, let the reaper come when it comes, be heading up when you get the tap on the shoulder at check out time.

And your thrust of attack...?

Is reading horoscopes.

The photograph was taken at the 2007 San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/3200th second, f 2.8, ISO 640.