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Fooling around yesterday.

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January 30, 2008

Rain Lets Up
Wednesday. A good day yesterday for all my bitching. Set up the tripods and lights, had a nutritious peanut butter and cracker (Saltine) lunch, listened to the Florida primaries, fed the cats, thought good thoughts, made tea. What more could one want? Well, yes, but at my age I have to be realistic.

A light sleet/rain early this morning, nothing sticking, a run to Starbucks for coffee and the paper. I guess I go because I like the routine and reading the paper, I don't care much about the coffee. I'm comfortable ordering a small cup black and, since the place is usually crowded, I don't sit at a table. During the summer I'll sit outside, play at being a man of leisure (which I am), but no way in the winter. Sitting here now at the house typing.

Typing as opposed to writing?

Yeah, that was on purpose, but I'll think about it later. Thinking, like writing, requires effort. And maybe coffee.

Finally connected on the phone with my sister in France this morning, talked about my maybe leaving early, maybe this coming weekend, back to Oakland. We'll see. The weather has me locked inside the house, true, but I could as easily be locked in my apartment in Oakland. The lady who's taking care of the animals is competent, more competent than I with Ozzie and the old Mr. Cat, so no one's worried my leaving will be a problem. So, the thought for the morning, is maybe yes, maybe no, let's see what happens today and tomorrow.

I have to admit I've liked what Edwards has been saying during the campaign. He's been totally ignored by the media and I'm not sure why. Senator Feingold, whom I admire, says he doesn't trust the guy. I've heard one other similar comment, but from my standpoint Edwards has been the one on track. Sorry to see him leave the race. For Giuliani I say thank god, he seemed like Bush on steroids. Bush by himself is scary enough. Bush on steroids is unimaginable. McCain will be the tougher candidate for the Democrats in the general election, the rest of them are idiots, but I'd take McCain ten times over the chance a Giuliani might make it to the White House. Obama, Clinton? I fault Clinton for her positions on the war and that's a big deal with me, but either one, let's hope one or the other will win and turn us in a better direction. I'm falling into (light weight, no calorie) politics here in a world where everyone has their own firmly held opinion. And the photograph. Who'd trust him for an opinion?

Back from a drive around the area in a light (with the occasional snowflake) rain. Plenty of traffic as I passed on by many an opportunity to park and wander through this store or that, park and eat at this restaurant or that. Aimless behavior, mind on numb? Yeah, but it seems to have cleared the head. Need to do more of it when the rain lets up. Here in Portland.

The photograph was taken with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens with two off camera strobes at 1/60th second, f 2.8, ISO 200.