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Ms. Emmy in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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January 22, 2008

A Start
Tuesday. The Hummingbird feeder was frozen solid this morning. I brought it in and ran hot water over it and some of the ice inside melted, but I'm not sure I didn't spill half the contents while I was doing it so my task for the day will be to ensure the Hummingbird, who lives in the feeder tree, has plenty of eat during this cold snap. I have an old debt I owe Hummingbirds. I'm wondering about my car since, as a Californian, I don't add anti-freeze. Maybe the dealer adds it as part of periodic maintenance. Complicated, being out here in the far northern wilds of Oregon without a map.

Lets see, a bowl of the Raisin Bran purchased yesterday, a hot cup of tea, some thought to drive over to the local Starbucks for the paper if not for the coffee. It's early. The mind is slow. I need to take a shower. I need to do many things in this life.

Later. Coffee and a NY Times at Starbucks. I hope my glasses arrive pretty quick so I can read it as opposed to thinking I've actually been reading it without them. I'm not sure I remember what I've read with or without glasses. Or is it that this is just too early to be thinking let alone writing?

Later still. A nap this early afternoon. Awfully tired for so much sleep. I notice, however, Portland has excellent Air America AM reception. Not that I would listen to it for more than, say, a couple of hours at a sitting, you understand. They seem to favor Edwards in the Democratic Primary race (as do I) but also say they'll vote for Clinton or Obama over any of the Republican candidates hands down. Edwards, four hundred dollar haircut or not (they all get four hundred dollar haircuts, who are we kidding?) seems to be the only one focused on traditional Democratic party fundamentals. Follow the money and you will find why your representative votes consistently against your interests every time.

We have wandered into politics, here. Nobody's interested. They have their own ideas and nothing you can say will change them.

Half the people who read this don't live in the United States, don't vote in our elections and have begun to blame me for each and every one of our little peccadillos on the world stage because we the people re-elected Bush to a second term. But you're right, I digress. I often digress. I'd listen to Air America more often if it weren't for the cheesy dial 800 and grow hair in twenty days commercials they're evidently forced to run. Do right wing radio shows have big corporate ads? A possible boycott by the powers that be? Another example of how badly we're being fucked?

Now, now.

You'll notice the photographs were taken this afternoon when I realized I had nothing left in the can to run. Part of the package I sold myself on taking up this house sitting assignment: get out there and take pictures. These were taken without leaving the bedroom just after a nap. A start. No, really. A start.

The photograph was taken of Ms. Emmy in Lake Oswego, Oregon with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 24mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/20th second, f 2.8, ISO 200.