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Halloween in Oakland.

Under here.

January 3, 2008

Iowa Primary Day
Thursday. Liquid lungs last night, liquid once I'd coughed them up to room temperature. Took a hot bath around four this morning, which probably had no effect, but it felt pretty good. Nothing wrong with that. Still, a good night's sleep, the morning still dark this early as I write, the weather people saying we'll have rain through the weekend. I wonder if there are last minute travel packages available to Hawaii this time of year? Isn't that where everybody goes?

Later. Back from breakfast, the sky totally overcast, they're saying the rain has begun up north and will arrive here later this afternoon. Not sure what kind of mood I'm in. How long have I been mumbling now about this head and sinuses thing? Now that the chest cold has started to recede, what proportion of my symptoms have to do with the cold and what proportion with this ongoing wrestling match? You forget what you felt like before any of it arrived. At least there's some pale light coming through the windows. I have another lens on the way that might arrive today, if not today then tomorrow, giving me, well, giving me something I probably don't really need but I'm looking forward to using.

Gotta write that down: “Probably don't need any more lenses for a while”; not because I don't need them (we all need them, my friends, trust me on this), but because I don't seem to be using them with my head and disposition being in the gutter. I wonder if heads of state find themselves in similar situations, sitting in their big office chairs buying the various missiles, bombers and body armor that strikes their fancy for their armies. “I just can't sit around here buying this great stuff and then just leave it sitting up there on the shelf, I've got to go out and use it! Bomb Finland! Invade Australia!”

Heads of state, maybe; crack addicts, undoubtedly.

I wonder if these symptoms would go away with a little hit of this tea Mr. K has sent with a note suggesting it's reputed to “blow your head off”. I'm not certain having my head blown off wouldn't be a good idea on this Thursday, Iowa primary day, in Oakland.

Note (added later): Ms. V informs me the tea is called - "Zhu Cha", Zhu means 'pearl" and "Cha" means "tea" - and that westerners have given it the “gun powder” moniker because it's stronger than most other Chinese teas - rude barbarian tastes that we have and all that - and I shouldn't be surprised to learn that many Americans prefer it including my sister and Ms. V's husband. Interesting. And it's only January. Who knows what revelations I may add by say my birthday this coming March?

As in how to tie your own shoes?

We are discussing basics here, nothing too esoteric.

The photograph was taken on the street in Oakland with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 17 - 55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/180th second, f 2.8, ISO 100.