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A wedding reception at the Dunsmuir Carriage House

January 21, 2007

Only That Easy
Pisces (February 18 - March 19): Take a second look at those resolutions, Pi. You did make them didn't you? The effort is well within your comfort zone, considering the rewards. You do know that this is your fame and fortune year, don't you? Great ideas come now through dreams, but it's you who must put them in motion.

Sunday. The wedding yesterday went well in the sense I didn't break into hopeless coughing during any of the critical phases and it wasn't as if my heart wasn't in it, I just didn't have the energy to push harder. I tried one or two different things I haven't tried before - they had a professional photographer shooting full tilt during the affair, so there was no danger of the bride and groom not getting good (in focus, properly exposed) photographs - and some of it worked (I liked a couple of the wide angle shots), some of it didn't (the wide open hand held series with no strobe light on the dance floor could have been better). I could blame it on the chest cold and the aching jaw and sinuses, but I could blame most everything in life on a head ache and sinuses and never get off the dime. My inability to play Rachmaninov? Aching head and sinuses. This marks two weddings, though, where I've run out of steam before, during and after. Not good. I'm turning into a disaster.

I had two friends tell me during 2006 I need to “get out of my comfort zone” (hence my interest in the horoscope). If that means buckling down with the things I pretend I like doing, well, OK. The only thing is the fact I like doing something doesn't mean I have to “buckle down” to it. You don't have to paint like Rembrandt to paint (and enjoy it). You don't have to shoot portraits like (fill in the blank) to enjoy shooting portraits. You've got to deliver when you agree to a wedding in my world view, but otherwise it's my nickel and my ticket to enjoy the ride.

One friend who's consistently recommended I get out of my comfort zone has never been willing to give me a hint as to what she meant. Most people who recommend you do something are really talking about themselves, seeing their own needs mirrored in your condition. I suspect she knew that and kept on pushing without giving me a response. “Out of my comfort zone” hasn't struck a spark, although that could simply be I'm burying whatever too deeply to recognize it. But I wonder. Did she mean I should move on, find another correspondent? Could be. A bit subtle, but you never know. The horoscope? Fame and fortune? Get out of my comfort zone for fame and fortune? I've had my fifteen minutes, took care of them in my twenties and thirties, no need in my mind to revisit.

Fame and fortune to me would be to retire this coming June and find satisfaction filling my days with things like writing and photographs. I would trade fame and fortune in a second for the easing of this aching head and mouth. Or am I showing a total lack of imagination?

No, you've become singularly dull with the aching head bit. Carp, carp, carp. If somebody with a forked tail walks up and suggests a trade, make the deal.

If it were only that easy.

The photograph was taken at a wedding reception with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 105mm f 2.0 Nikkor lens at 1/40th, f 2.0, ISO 1000.