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Oakland Tribune Holiday parade

January 9th, 2005

Make Sense
Well, the snow pack is good, there will be plenty of water in the reservoirs this year, something positive to say about a rainy week and weekend. Brings back my youth in Seattle. You learned to entertain yourself inside the house in Seattle. They promote images of people out on boats on the surrounding water; water skiers, snow skiers against a blue sky, but the reality is you learn to live with rain, live comfortably with rain. Alcohol helps until it doesn't. I had some good times in Seattle as a kid, as a college student. Gone all to hell, of course, Seattle; what with all those Californians who've settled in and riled up the neighborhoods.

What was that about?

I have no idea. I never have an idea so I go with what comes out.

Are Seattlites upset with Californians?

No, not really. I hear they're more excited down in Oregon. Neither one of them, Washington or Oregon, count the sons and daughters who've moved to California, of course, leaving room for restless Californians to arrive. Plenty of us who grew up in the Northwest cut out as soon as we could to find warmer territory where drugs and free love were rumored to thrive.

You spend too much time writing on empty. Hopeless to even mention it, of course.

Odd. I say a good first week last week and some of that is truth, no doubt about it, and some of that is me hyping me hoping it's truth. One way or another (I say to myself) it will work out. This day Sunday has turned into a pretty good day, the sun showing itself this afternoon for the first time in over a week. Breakfast somewhat later than usual at the usual place so I took a turn by Walden Pond and bought a copy of a book by the photographer Hiro. I'm not sure what this current photography book buying binge is about. I took a walk around the theater district later in the afternoon, had a bagel at a sidewalk table in front of the local Bagels 'R Us next door to the local Starbucks with a group of flakes, grifters and late afternoon risers who were cluttering up the sidewalk. I fit right in. Depressing fucking thought.

And so you've accomplished everything you planned to accomplish this weekend?

I have accomplished nothing that I planned to accomplish this weekend except for those things I was supposed to accomplish. Or doesn't that make sense?

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Tribune Holiday parade with a Nikon F6 mounted with a 135mm f2.0 Nikkor lens on Tmax-400.