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San Francisco Carnaval Parade

January 25th, 2004

Day Is Over
Saturday, later. Well, I managed another work sucks entry, number five hundred and twenty six. Work as metaphor. No, life doesn't suck, life is pretty good, life is a learning experience, a challenge to pick up what life has to offer. At my age it's another lesson in learning to shift gears. I'm shifting gears. It's not supposed to rain tomorrow. No, I haven't looked at the weather report, I'm making a flat statement. No clouds to cover the sun, no wool to cover the brain, a brief stint at the office to finish the tasks I didn't finish Friday because I left the office early. Yes, the radio is playing. Habit in place. Yes, I will have breakfast down the way at the usual cafe and read the Sunday paper. Habit in place. And then? And then we'll both read the next paragraph and see what happened.

Sunday. The sun is shining, I've had breakfast, read the paper, visited the office and made amends for leaving early on Friday, taken two Tylenol for the sore chest and jaw (to good effect) and now I'm sitting here reasonably coherent and writing. Yesterday was a day to recover from the week before, today is a day to prepare for this coming week of vacation.

And what do we have planned "for this coming week of vacation?"

  • I read an article saying people who take vitamin C and E together every day are over 60% less likely to get Alzheimer's disease. I bought a bottle of vitamin E today downtown in Oakland. I am now 60% less likely to get Alzheimer's disease. This is good.

  • I will order three pairs of Land's End denim pants today and go shopping for shirts on Monday or Tuesday (Or Wednesday or Thursday) because if you knew how few presentable shirts I have left in my closet you'd be surprised. Yes, I know, but even then you'd be surprised.

  • I need a pair of Nike's too, so I'll get a pair of Nike's too and stop wearing these damned things that need shoe polish to the office.

  • I may, I may not order a Honda Element.

  • I may, I may not shoot a bunch of film with the studio lights today or tomorrow to learn better how to use them.

  • I will add a picture or two to artandlife.

  • I will finish the redesign of my 100 Books list and post the results.

  • I will print and have framed another six photographs to hang on the walls of my apartment.

  • I will probably not visit my storage locker in Alameda or move more boxes out of my living room because promising to do so would undoubtedly squash any hope for the project.

I also need a television set, but we won't talk about that unless it actually happens. I've been thinking of subscribing to one of the online DVD rental services. No late charges. Will it get me back to watching more movies? Only trying will tell.

Kodak has announced it's laying off 20% of its work force, abandoning some of its film camera production (no more APS cameras, they'll continue to make the film) to catch up and take a place in the digital revolution. I have been thinking of acquiring one of the Nikon digitals if they ever get the new one in stock at B&H. I will fight this urge, particularly if I order the Honda. I am not getting rid of my F5's. They are the best damned 35mm cameras ever constructed.

About lenses and other options I will hear argument, but when in comes to 35mm film, Nikon made the best, it's called the F5, and there will probably never be another. So onward, I assume, to digital. Digital for color, perhaps, but black and white is still best done on film until I'm shown otherwise. (And I am ready to be shown otherwise. The equipment is just the equipment, the picture, though, is the picture all this hoo-haw about Nikon notwithstanding.)

It is Sunday (did I mention?) in Oakland. The sun is shining, my head is clear, my body seems responsive. I think a nap or two are in order before the day is over.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon F5 and a 135mm f 2.0 Nikon (Nikkor) lens on Kodak TMY-400.