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Under Construction
Testing the studio lights

January 22nd, 2004

Wham - Bam - Slam!
Wednesday. The color's weird and they're overexposed, but they're a start. Now to look at the black and white and reread the manuals which I know are here somewhere. The question, as always, is where. The answer, as always, can be elusive.

I'm taking a week off next week. A year ago I redid the first half of my 100 Books list, scanning book covers and redoing the layout, but never finishing the project. I think I'll finish the project. Same with artandlife. It's been sitting there in a perpetual state of "under construction". I've promised myself more progress. I've also promised to order a car, but I'll find a way to dodge that bullet as I've dodged it successfully now for many years. I'm committed to buying a new film scanner and I'm thinking of acquiring another camera so I'm not against spending money, but I realize I really don't like the idea of debt in a land where jobs are scarce and I'm so little interested in stumbling out and looking for another. "Another job doing what?", I ask. Listen as I might there is no answer. I need an answer. I want an answer. I am an idiot, but an employed idiot.

Thursday. Zap! That was the day: zap! Start, middle and finish: over in a flash. I guess it's OK, but it makes you wonder what's happened, what part of this blur is about living. Is this living? Wham? Bam? Slam? I guess. One more day tomorrow and then a week of vacation. Wham-bam-slam.

The photograph was taken in my apartment using the Elinchrom lights with a Nikon F5 and a 28-70mm f 2.8 Nikon (Nikkor) lens on Kodak Ektachrome 100s and processed by New Lab in San Francisco.