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Under Construction
Apartment house near Lake Merritt, Oakland

January 11th, 2004

Next Week Is Better
What I should do today and actually might do today is make a list of people to call tomorrow. Get the car scheduled for a smog test, make an appointment with the urologist for another PSA, yes, but also mention my last urologist was looking at what appear to be kidney stones ("too small to blast, unfortunately") just before the prostate became the dominating topic of the moment. They still seem to be causing aches and pains of manageable, but annoying proportions (as in my left testicle hurts). One does not want one's left testicle to hurt, even a little and certainly not for very long. A year seems overly long, even to moi.

You sound like an idiot.

I am an idiot. A benefit of age, you know when you're an idiot and understand it's OK (mostly), except when it's not OK and with the dimming of your perception and memory and intelligence, it's harder to tell when it's not OK so what's the fuss? Life is good. What else is there to say other than the film, of course, we must eventually discuss the film:

I developed two rolls this afternoon. Six and a quarter minutes in the developer, a quick run through the stop bath, fifteen minutes in the fixer, an hour rinsing under the faucet after thirty seconds in Photo-Flo. What can I say? I was worried the one roll I took out of the F3 hadn't run through the camera and guess what? It hadn't. The other roll is drying in the bathroom as I write and it looks OK. Little rectangular frames on a roll of thirty six little rectangular frames. So far, so good. I'll know better when it dries and I can look at it with a loupe and scan an image.

I took detailed notes on the development process and I'll adjust them as needed tomorrow. I have two rolls lined up for tomorrow, two rolls shot with the studio lights that I believe are horribly overexposed, but what the hell, it's a start. You work with what you got. You take better care the next time. You read the manual(s). You babble on hopelessly in your journal. It all seems to help. The lights, by the way, are slicker than shit.

A long week last week, Saturday was a day to take naps and recover, this last week has not been a good week. I hope this next week is better.

The photograph was taken near Lake Merritt in Oakland with a Nikon F3 and a 105mm f 1.8 Nikon (Nikkor) lens on Kodak TMAX-400.