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At the Rip Off Ranch in 1970's San Francisco

January 10th, 2003

Don't You Think?
Another Friday, another week gone by. There is a meeting scheduled for Monday morning that should tell us what is what at the office. As I write there is a television news clip playing about white collar jobs and the twenty year low in the number thereof on the market. There may be fewer jobs come Monday. There may be one more old guy applicant out there looking and I am stupid enough and tired enough to think that might be a good idea.

Part of this is me coming back to work after six weeks of recovery - there are reentry issues, physical and psychological - and part of this is the fact I have some money in the bank. I know many people from my company who had money in the bank when they were let go last year and they have less money in the bank this year without any work and it is best at my age to pay attention to these simple facts. Do not volunteer for the package, but if you get the package - tomorrow, a month from tomorrow - there is no reason not to celebrate. For a couple of months, anyway. A little travel? A look around old haunts? Don't you think?

The photograph was taken in San Francisco during the 70's at the Rip Off Ranch.