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At the office.

January 31st, 2002

We'll See
I went to lunch with friends in San Francisco on Tuesday to Yank Sing, a dim sum restaurant. Nice. More expensive than I'm accustomed to: you can get good dim sum in Oakland for maybe $12 to $14 a person, and that's eating everything in sight, forget the diet, forget the day, forget the morrow, keep that Shiu Mai coming. We were more reserved at Yank Sing, never quite forgetting the day, never quite forgetting the morrow, the quality and presentation evidently lending to more decorous behavior, and we each got out the door for $30.

And, well, yes, for me another sixty for the teapot and teapot warmer and the loose tea and the Yank Sing house brand Chili Pepper Sauce. Which is fine. I've been mumbling about buying a tea pot. I've even gone downtown to look for one. This one is more heavily balanced toward design, rather than function - clear glass, after all - but it seems right. Hard to match a man who has the right tea pot. Hard to find a chink in his armor. But you knew that.

Otherwise my brain is on stun. Writing the last two paragraphs, nothing particularly moving or At a recent lunch in Oakland. enlightening in either one, was a work of middle to more than middling effort. I sit at the computer and play Freecell to avoid doing any writing. I've run one or two pictures, the two on this page, for example, but I'm running pretty dry on those as well. I discover if I get out of the house and onto the street with a camera that I perk up and shoot pictures. This weekend, if it doesn't rain, should get me going. I dropped off a roll at the camera shop this afternoon that I'll pick up on Monday. Maybe I will shoot enough over the weekend to provide it with brothers and sisters. But you get the drift. I get the drift. I'm the one who's drifting.

Otherwise. Well, otherwise. I got an email saying a camera bag I'd ordered shipped yesterday Camera bag, except mine's black. and I should have it on Monday or Tuesday. My guess is photographers own many camera bags. They are always buying camera bags. I have cut my spending way down in order to build up my bank account in case I find myself out on the street looking for a job and I am still buying camera bags. This one sight - other than seeing a picture and reading a description - unseen. The reason we buy camera bags is that no one has ever designed a camera bag that works worth a damn. Or looks worth a damn. And so we keep looking. And buying. Mumble.

This one functions as a back pack, you wear it like a back pack when you're not shooting, but shift it over as a side bag when the shooting starts. We'll see, we'll see.

I shot a lot of pictures at a recent lunch and I'm afraid I've flogged the two ladies to death on these last few pages. The photo of the Bob Krist camera bag was taken from the LL. Bean web site.