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How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade, September 2000

January 11th, 2002

Before Summer Arrives
That cold I was fighting got worse, but peaked methinks on Tuesday. Yesterday was good, today is better. Sunny today, sunny they say tomorrow. Good. Not much writing over the last few days, but, you know how it goes.

My conversation about Wuss with the vet went:

Vet: "I want to put him on Cardizem"

I: Gosh, I take Cardizem"

Vet: "Well, just pull one of your capsules apart and feed him a third of the contents each morning."

I: "Wadda ya know."

So, Wuss is on my pills for an irregular heartbeat, something we evidently share, and my company health plan is picking up the tab, which is irregular and probably illegal. So I'll buy Wuss his own pills, right? You'd do that, right? I thought so.

I hope this is easier to read than it is to write. Had a cold and all that, but it has been hard to sit down and think a coherent sentence. Maybe the times, maybe the month. Lots of change, lots of stuff going on, not much of a destination in sight. Hope the economy gets better, hope this cold goes away, hope the world doesn't end before summer arrives.

The photograph was taken at the Berkeley Solano Stroll.