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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Jack London Square Theater lobby in Oakland.

January 24th, 2001

I'm One Of Them
Hectic week. Tomorrow, a retirement party for MRH in San Francisco. I suppose he's fifty. The swine. He's been working at Charles Schwab for the last four years and has made a lot of money in the stock market. His wife has worked for Dolby Labs forever. I'm not sure that both he and his wife are retiring, but I suspect they are. Mumble. Still, an excuse for lunch, an excuse to BART over to the city, an excuse to bring a camera and shoot some pictures.

I had a roll of black and white film developed today, probably the first in a month. Maybe two or three frames worth scanning. Mumble. Still, the two week Chinese New Year celebration started today and the San Francisco parade is scheduled for February 3rd. I shall be ready. Unless it rains. In which case I shall be ready and watch it on television.

Thursday, in the early evening. A long day. It seems an image that we'd sent to Compaq for Oakland City Hall area. the desktops and laptops bombed during testing and we had to pin down the problem, correct it and get it out the door to Compaq by noon tomorrow, so we (what else?), skipped lunch and missed MRH's retirement party in San Francisco. I did shoot pictures, however, later this afternoon at MSP's going away party, three rolls of color print using the Nikon with something called a Stroboframe that holds a reflector mounted on a strobe out away from the camera body. You may have seen one, as they're commonly used by professional photographers. Big, heavy and awkward, but it gives a nice even light and I was able to shoot three rolls of film, more than I've shot in weeks. So that was OK and the prints will be finished tomorrow. The party itself was interesting. MSP represents one of the few still remaining senior members of the "old guard", part of the team that's been flushed out by our new management, so the people attending have been with the company for years. I guess I'm one of them.

The banner photograph was taken in the Jack London Square theater lobby. I believe I was there to see Finding Forrester. The second photograph was taken returning from lunch near Oakland City Hall. The quote is by Shirley Temple Black.