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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

At the office.

January 17th, 2001

In California
I can feel the small kernel of an urge to shoot photographs growing inside here somewhere. Won't talk about it. No reason to put a hoo doo on it. Let it grow alone on its own. Take its time. The San Francisco Chinese New Year parade is coming, my traditional kick off the new year of shooting. It all seems to be coming together. I can feel it.

Long day today with everyone working against one deadline or another. Spent the time converting my font encrusted company web pages to cascading style sheets and ordered a book on JSP, which I may or may not read. I order many books that I may or may not read. They're deductible. They look good stacked in piles in the floor. They're fun to lug around when I move. So, naturally, I order more. JSP. We use it. Maybe I'll use it too. With toast and butter.

Tomorrow lunch in San Francisco with MRL and MSW. We get together for lunch two or three times a At the office. year, MSW being a former food writer and daughter of a chef who practices IT during the day and cuisine in the evenings and knows where the good restaurants are. Actually, one way or another, it doesn't really matter, food writer or chef's daughter, MSW picks the restaurants and we tag along for the good eats and conversation. I'm thinking that maybe we can get a nice rolling blackout going, similar to those we had today, getting ourselves stranded across the bay in a darkened restaurant drinking Cabernet Sauvignon through a candlelit afternoon. Well, why not? If it were a chapter in a book, I'd make it a very good Cabernet Sauvignon leading to nothing less than true love or a murder before sunset, depending on whether it was a first chapter or the last.

Clear sunny day, reasonably warm, clear and cold at night. Still above freezing here near the water in Oakland, but colder over the hill to the east. Roughing it. In California.

These photographs were taken some years ago at the office, both of the people now having left the company, the lady to enter the graphics field, as I recall. The quote is by Samuel Johnson.