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She likes my journal !!

International recognition!

January 23rd, 2000

Mumble, Mumble
Sunday evening and it's been raining all day. Feel napped, trapped, light deprived and ready. Ready for bed. I cleaned my desk and updated an old personal budget to see what buying a car might look like, a down payment in March and then three years of servitude. Some things you can't afford, some things you can, some things you don't want to afford and some things you have to. This is a don't want to, but maybe have to. Best to take my time, put a proverbial toe in the water today with this first look at the budget and then come back in a week or so thinking two toes maybe or an ankle. There a certain mind numbing quality to this, isn't there? Maybe it's just my current attitude. Who gives a fuck if I'm buying a car or not? I don't even think I do. Toe in the water. Shit. Press reset.

They use Macintoshes for the Adobe Illustrator class I signed up for yesterday and they had one sitting in one of the classrooms, so, since no one was around, I dialed into my journal. The screen was set for 1024 x 768, I'm not sure what the monitor size was, no larger than 17", and the type face looked unreadably shitty. I'm going to borrow a G-3 at work and do some testing. They make you take a Mac skills test before you can take the Illustrator class (or they make you pay for a one day Macintosh introduction) so I was planning on working with a Mac for a while anyway. Browsers and operating systems, wasn't the original idea everything worked the same way (the same weird assed plain vanilla no graphics way) on every system? I know, I know. Old battles in a war long lost. My journal doesn't look so great on a PC at 1024 x 768 either. Mumble, mumble.

The banner photograph was taken a couple of years ago.