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She likes my journal !!

Home in Oakland.
January 1st, 2000

Drove into the office at 4:00 this morning to do my first stint as an IT backup for the company desktops (read help head off viruses). Parked exactly in front of one of the stairways leading to our building. One other car on this side of the street. Bill was at his desk listening to a music CD when I got to our floor. No reports of virus attacks. Nothing. Nada. I went down to the command center with a camera and took some photographs of the people sitting at the computer consoles. They've all been there since late last evening. Little or nothing has happened. Our X400 gateway had a problem. Don't ask. It was fixed. The world will stay on its axis with or without X400 access. Believe me. I know. There were the remains of a buffet next to the command center, empty bottles of non alcoholic sparking cider, empty food warmers, plenty to drink, plenty to eat if you like cheese popcorn and potato chips for breakfast. I took some cheese and French bread and coffee with me up to my desk. Good cheese. Good breakfast.

The next critical time coming up is Monday morning when Australia and Asia return to work so I'll be in again early Sunday afternoon. Nobody's really expecting any trouble, but you never know. I spent the day working on my archives. The current archive html file is pushing 60k, larger than any of my journal pages including the graphics, so, you know, it's time. I'll finish it tomorrow.

It's quiet, this beginning of a new year. All this Y2K stuff will wind down quickly and the computer Have we forgotten our access badge? side of the business will kick in with a vengeance. One of the managers asked me about doing an internal web site, how long would it take to put one up? She'd asked this same question six months ago and then never brought it up again with the company reorganization underway and Y2K taking up everybody's time. I know of a number of projects that are ready to kick off almost immediately and I expect my world to change pretty radically. I think I'm up for it. Almost anything other than this treading water, this waiting, this, I don't know. There's been lots of pressure building up, some of it inside the company, some of it inside of me. Time to let it loose. Just not quite certain what that means. Or maybe I know exactly what that means.

By the way, went to bed last night by 10:00, up at 3:00 to get to the office. Some of the other journalers have already commented on this, but what happened to the left coast? I watched the celebrations in Paris and London and Newfoundland on television, as I recall. Missed New York and everything west. Life in the fast lane. Always.

The banner photograph was taken in my livingroom. Well, you know, a bachelor. The photograph of the lady with the smile was taken in the lobby of our building.