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February 2, 2017

Arrange It

Thursday. Felt the dry mouth symptoms come on last night and so to bed at seven-thirty to drop off to sleep and then not awaken until six-fifteen, after some ten hours of sleep (after knocking off the two short times I awoke during the night). So we should be well rested, right? Feel reasonably coherent anyway. I'd say, fingers crossed.

Intermittent rain out there when I awoke and so a drive to breakfast (the oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee again), taking my time over the morning papers. Much going on out there in the “real” world, more worrisome than I want to hear. But we read and we wonder.

During the short periods of rain it rained really hard and so we're not counting on getting outside anytime soon, but we'll see. The walks are important to me if only for their psychological value. Seems to keep the head on straight when you give it a little outside air.

Later. Did the laundry, which probably means I did get more than enough sleep last night, if getting things done we normally do our best to avoid is any indication. Made the bed, hung the shirts and balled up the socks. We are set for another month.

No rain so far, but some islands of nasty looking clouds. The laundry has been finished now for two hours and I haven't taken advantage of it to take a walk. And they're saying lots more rain through the weekend. Am I feeling guilty? Only a little bit. Well, to be honest, at the moment not at all. Maybe, if I get hungry later, it will get me out the door.

Later still. For all the things to pick out of the pack to get upset about, Trump's berating and then hanging up on Australia's prime minister in a phone session over a group of refugees that Obama had agreed to accept, stood out. The refugees aside, is this how you deal with close allies? Out in the open for Australians and Americans to see and hear? Unpleasant exchanges happen, nothing new there, but why would you put it out in the open for all to hear? What's the plan?

Enough of this. People get more than enough as it is.

Later still. Remembered to move the DeVos Protest photographs to artandlife and so that's been done. Some time on the guitar instead of taking a nap. No thought of a nap.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now!, watched yesterday's episode of Code Black on the tablet (non-stop crying and wailing over people damaged and dying does get old when it's the story line week after week after week), some Charlie Rose and then to bed. No sign of a dry mouth of the kind that put us down last night, which is good. I do like the delivery of a good night's sleep except for the dues that seemingly need to be paid in order to arrange it.

The photo up top was taken at the demonstration against the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary Tuesday at the federal building with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.