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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 29, 2016


Monday. To bed early again to awaken at six. OK, how do we feel this morning at six? So far, so good. A runny nose, but better than yesterday. A walk to breakfast in a low lying light fog feeling pretty good. That heavy feeling in the chest? Seems OK. Tired? Not yet.

The morning café was open when I arrived, a good sign, a decent breakfast and a decent walk back, no thought to wait for a bus. Still watching for any of yesterday's tiredness and other signs, thinking you can find pretty much anything you want, there or not, if you work at it hard enough. So far things seem better without being sure.

Talked again with the apartment manager and hooked the car battery up to the charger. Should take all day and maybe all day tomorrow, but it's taking a charge and looks to be ready by Thursday for the drive to Dublin. Tomorrow's appointment with the new cardiologist can be handled with the bus. Things seem to be coming together, albeit it at a slower pace. Everything these days seems to come together at a slower pace.

Later. Still have yesterday's symptoms, just not quite as strong, but with the sinus-palate is adding its own set of distractions to the mix. OK. Tired, so another nap before getting it together to box up the blood thinner test unit and walk it to the UPS store, thinking on the way maybe, if I could get rid of the sinus-upper palate thing, the tiredness might recede. Screw it: took a dose of the pain meds when I got back. An hour later the head is clear, the sinus-palate has moved into the background and I have no idea what has caused any of it other than babbling on about it doesn't seem to help.

A clear head allowed me to finish what photographs I'd managed to come up with at the Bernie Sanders March and move them to the web sites. Hadn't processed more than half a dozen pictures when the naps where in charge. So good. Not a great batch of photographs, but OK for how I was feeling while shooting, what shooting I was able to accomplish. Not an excuse, just, you know, the truth.

Still a weasel's way of talking about it.

Evening. No need for naps. Happy about that. Still a bit screwed up, but clear headed enough. Picked up a grilled chicken sandwich at the burger drive-in and brought it back for a late lunch. Still a couple of pounds under the target one fifty-five this morning and so the sandwich seemed a good idea, particularly as it appealed. Not always the case.

We'll see who's being interviewed on Charlie Rose at eight (tomorrow's Super Tuesday primaries seem the obvious subject) and decide whether or not to watch. Now that we're clear headed, you understand. Mostly clear headed.

Watched the ten minutes they spent on tomorrow's Super Tuesday elections. Clinton and Trump. Enough. More than enough.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the downtown Oakland March for Bernie 2 with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.