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February 23, 2016


Tuesday. With or without Netflix working on the tablet or not, lights out early to get another uneven night's rest. Seemed that way anyway. Awake and up at six feeling just fine, thank you, off to walk to breakfast with what looked to be close to a full moon rising above the Avévista apartment house at the bottom of the street. The moon is blown out, of course, but I was expecting that.

Another nice day, they're saying through the coming weekend, maybe some rain Friday evening, so we have no excuse to avoid getting in the day's walking. Those two tall ships are still anchored at Jack London and I'm due for another set of pictures at Latham Square. So good, a choice of Squares. A Square a day. Hey?

Later. Tired and so an hour lying down with the radio in the background, finally turning it off to see if I could get to sleep. No sleep, but feeling better and so up, out and on the bus to Latham Square for pictures. They seem to be making progress.

Thought of going by the pharmacy to pick up folic acid (one does not want to run out of one's folic acid) and then getting lunch, but decided I'd head home instead as I finished the pictures with three minutes to spare before the return bus was due to arrive.

Lunch, though. When's the last time I've eaten a cheese burger? Cheese, yellow cheese particularly, isn't good for the ocular migraine stuff, although a single slice (of yellow cheese-like food comes in a plastic wrapper) isn't all that much trouble and hamburger isn't on the to be avoided list unless it's made with MSG. You never really know if they're adding MSG. And when is the last time I've had a hamburger, cheese or plain? I can't remember, but it's been months certainly. Many months.

And so, getting off the bus near the burger drive-in, I picked up a cheeseburger (no onions). The body obviously wasn't willing to compromise with a chicken sandwich, it wanted a burger, thank you, a cheese burger and it was interesting to watch it all happen. I guess I'm more sensitive to what the body needs, he said. Either that or I just said: fuck it! The thought of a hamburger/cheese burger usually makes my stomach queasy, this afternoon it said “hello, how would you like to have a good time”? A nooner, in other words.

This is gibberish.

I did have a cheeseburger and I haven't been able to stomach the idea of eating one in a long time. And I took more Latham Square pictures. All the rest is....


The ocular migraines are real enough, although they're now coming along much less often. Symptoms, but no full blown explosions. We'll know what a burger is capable of in another couple of hours.

Later still. Processed today's pictures and put together another section of Latham Square photographs, posting them to the web sites. A laid back ending to a long afternoon.

Evening. Wanting to know how the Nevada Republican caucuses were going I dialed into The Guardian and their online coverage. Nothing of interest on television and so to bed early, but again, dialing into The Guardian from time to time on the tablet to see how it was going. Trump by twenty percent. Hmm. I have no idea what that says about us or what's happening.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.